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9 year old separation anxiety

Nov 14, 2007 - 2 comments

school refusal


child anxiety

Annaka will be 9 next week. The principal of her school has had to literally tear her from my arms the past two days to get her in school. She is making the biggest scenes yelling, Mommy, please don't leave me! It is tearing me apart. We had always had issues getting her to school for pre-k to 1st. 2nd grade last year was a breeze. Now this year in 3rd grade, it's getting worse than ever. Starting the second week of school, I had to walk her in school. Now it is getting to the point where she is crying every day when I try to leave her. The principal today actually walked up to my car, opened the door and unbuckled Annaka, got her out of the car and walked her to class. It's wonderful the school is helping. She started talking to the school counselor today. I hope things will get better. She has nightmares and has to sleep in bed with me. She is constantly yelling for me if she is not in the same room. Tonight she actually laid be me and cried herself to sleep saying she misses me and wants me to walk her into school tomorrow. I don't want to walk her in if she is going to make a huge scene. I am so afraid she is going to start getting teased. The counselor and teachers today gave her a notebook today to write notes to me whenever she started feeling sad or had something to tell me. It was great to read the notes when she got home today. The first note she wrote was heart wrenching. It said, Mommy i just miss you so much when i am at school, i just really want to be with you right now. I feel awful that she is hurting so bad. She usually has a migraine on Mondays from the stress of getting back into the school routine. By the time I pick her up from school the headache is awful. By 6 pm she is usually throwing up because the headache is so bad. She also doesn't eat her snack or lunch on Monday's either. She dropped out of the special dance program at school without telling me and now she wants to drop out of dance class that she has been attending for 6 years. I just don't know what to do.

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by Dee755, Nov 15, 2007
my daughter had similar problems when she was 8. we had moved to a different state and her father and i were seperated at the time. if she is having the head-aches and vomiting on a weekly basis i would take her to her pediatrician. good luck and i will pray for you all. i remember how hard it was on us.DEE

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by amyriekids, Nov 15, 2007
thank you for your prayers, I happen to run into my pastor this evening and asked him and his wife to pray. The more the better. Today I had to sign her out of school because she threw up after 2 hours. However, they suggested trying a tough love approach. I had her in her room all day with no tv or games. She read all day today and only threw 1 fit when I wouldn't play. She's not in my bed right now, she's sleeping in the living room. I hated excluding her all day, but hopefully tomorrow she will have an easier time staying at school knowing if she doesn't she'll have to stay in her room with no tv. The plus is she got in lots of reading today. The school has suggested medical attention also. Thanks again and God bless you!

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