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Oct 13, 2013 - 1 comments

I feel depression creeping over me again.  There is no trigger.  It starts slow and then speeds up. I had a three day weekend. I have to force myself to shower, to cook, to do anything.  It is a chore.  Went to the pumpkin patch faked my smiles, went to the movies faked my interest.  I only want to sleep,   I took 2 naps yesterday, long naps after sleeping 11 hours at night.  It takes over. Just wanting to sleep, to not participate in life.  But I want to I do it just takes to much effort.  I am on celexa 2 pills a day have been for a couple of years but now it is back, so much effort required to do any of it.  How to make it stop?  Life wasn't supposed to be this way....

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by Melissa_71, Oct 13, 2013
O Meli, i'm so sorry to read this my friend. wish there was a majic solution to not make us feel depressed. it is our canadian thanksgiving this weekend and sometimes holidays make me a bit sad...bec i dont have a spouse to celebrate with...and i feel the same life was not supposed to be this way...but then i look at my son and something just makes me snap out of it.  a friend forced me to meet her for a cafe on friday and i felt better. i really didnt want to go but im glad i did. sometimes talking to another person can lift your spirits...hoping u feel better. hugs.

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