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Silver Colloids for Treatment of FMS/CFS

May 19, 2009 - 14 comments

While reading various articles regarding the new flu outbreak, I happened across information about using Silver Colloid as a treatment for FMS/CFS.  After reading how this process works (silver nanoparticles binding with bacteria/fungi and removal from the body) I decided to try it.  Having been ill for over 35 yrs. I felt I had nothing to lose.  The following is an account of my progress thus far.

*May 1, 2009 - Began treatment with 1/2 tsp of Silver Colloid in a.m. and p.m.
I continued this for one week without noticing any real difference in pain or fatigue.

*May 8, 2009 - Increased dosage to 1 tsp. 2x daily for 3 days, then to 3x daily.
I continued this for another week without noticing any difference...or so I thought.

*May 14 - 16, 2009 - Became ill with what were flu like symptoms, but without fever or other signs.  
I was so fatigued that I basically stayed in bed 3 days, lots of night sweats, thinking I had a virus.  During this period I did not take the silver colloid.

*May 17, 2009 - Finally being able to move without feeling nauseaous, I took a trip to the local urgent care facility.
EEG and bloodwork were fine.  No explanation for the lethargy...conclusion: May be viral.  Later in the evening I recalled what I had heard about the herxing symptoms that could occur while on treatment.  This event takes place while the treatment is working, but the body can not rid itself of the toxins as quickly as they are being broken down.  After realizing that what I had experienced for 4 days was herxing, I now know that the Silver Colloid was working and healing my body.

*May 18, 2009 - I had a day that I could describe as great.  Very low pain, energy was the first time in years that I felt almost normal.

*May 19, 2009 - Began treatment with the Silver Colloid, but decreasing the dosage to 2 tsp. per day.  It is another day with low pain and i've been able to accomplish daily tasks without tremendous fatigue.  I can honestly say "I feel good."  It's been a long time since I could say those words.

While I am not advocating use of a particular silver product, it is important to purchase one that is not saturated with mostly ionized water or other substance.  I am taking a product that is made with nanosilver particles.  True Silver Colloid is yellow in color...not clear.  The dosage will vary depending upon individual body weight, toxins involved and herxing reaction.  I will keep this journal updated with my progress as it unfolds (be it good or bad).  In the meantime, here is some information about this type of treatment and the basis for its foundation.  There is a free booklet that may be downloaded, but be sure to read the updated portion on the site explaining about correction to research done after the writer passed on.  His work has been updated.

Again, I can only testify to what my experience has been with this treatment.  It has been years since i've felt this good.  While i'm not looking forward to more herxing, if it produces a few good days a month (as the past two have been) it's certainly worth the price.

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by PlateletGal, May 19, 2009
"While i'm not looking forward to more herxing, if it produces a few good days a month (as the past two have been) it's certainly worth the price."

Isn't it great ? It what has kept me going (that taste of what it feels like for a short time to be normal.)  I remember having severe herxing symptoms and then, like you, the next day feeling normal and actually... having no complaints (for the first time in years !). I've learned that this path to healing can take years and especially for those of us who have been ill for a very long time. But I would rather treat my disease rather than treat my symptoms.

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by VaBreeze, May 19, 2009
YES!!!  It's wonderful.  Difficult to put into words because feeling good is something i'm unaccustomed to, lol.  Since it has taken me years for a dx and decades without proper treatment, i'm willing to sacrifice all the time it takes to becoming well.  To be able to walk about doing mundane chores and then notice "Hey...I didn't have to take a break and i'm not in excruciating pain" is beyond words.

"But I would rather treat my disease rather than treat my symptoms. "  AMEN  I am really excited.  

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by VaBreeze, May 27, 2009
*May 27, 2009 - Doing better on the 2 tsp. per day.  Less herxing symptoms and more energy.  I realize I didn't get sick overnight (I have 40 odd years of toxins and such built up), so I have a long ways to go...but i'm not going to get discouraged.  I've done more in the past week than I have in the past year.  

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by VaBreeze, Jun 10, 2009
*June 10, 2009 - I have cut back the amount to 1 tsp. taken before bedtime.  I've found it tolerable and if I have herxing, hopefully it occurs when sleeping.  I am having more good days now and more energy (which is great).  It hasn't stopped the aches and pains, but it has helped.  Almost time for a new order...and order I shall.  Out of all the medications and treatments that i've taken in the past decades, this has proven to be the best so far.  

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by VaBreeze, Jun 11, 2009
*June 11, 2009 - Herxing day  'ughhhh'

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by PlateletGal, Jun 11, 2009

I'm sorry.... but remember how great you were feeling after that last herxing episode.

Here's to better days !  (CHEERS !)

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by margypops, Jun 11, 2009
This may sound dumb but could you tell me what herxing is? I started to take the silver about 5 days ago, I have only been taking half a tsp I am feeling quite good so maybe I will take 1 tsp I dropped it back to half after 3 days when I had some hip pain, and discomfort.I am an undiagnosed Lyme  person... I think, I had one test a few years ago it was negative, as you are having such success I will continue with the silver I must say I feel fine in myself my feet still hurt and I have got rashes,also still not enough energy to walk far, be grateful for any input from you. Marg.

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by VaBreeze, Jun 11, 2009
It's called "Herxheimer Reaction".  It's an immune response when the body is killing off the toxins quicker than we can  dispose of them (ie. through urine or otherwise).  It typically causes one to feel worse before feeling better.  

I've been taking the colloid silver for a month now and have had previous herxing symptoms.  I had increased the dosage to 3 tsp. a day at that point, but have now cut back to 1 tsp.  You can certainly increase the dose, but do expect herxing symptoms to happen periodically.  When they do, cut the dose back to one more tolerable.  I totally believe in the results I see.  Although today was a bit rough, i'm having more good days now...and i've been sick for a very long time.  

Hope you have great success with your journey.  

You're so right PlateletGal...thank you for that reminder.  :-)

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by margypops, Jun 12, 2009
Thank you for the information, so thats why I felt bad a few days later, I am feeling better though so it must be working. I think I will stick to one tsp a day and see how I fare. I would like to continue to see how you do on it if I may.

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by teko, Jun 12, 2009
I have emphysema.  Would this therepy be beneficial to me? Does it cover a lot of ailments? I heard if you take too much you will turn blue? I saw a blue man on the news one time, he said he would continue taking it regardless cause it had done so much for him.

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by VaBreeze, Jun 12, 2009
You are more than welcome margypops and yes, please do.  I'll be excited to hear about your feelings and progress as you do.  It would be nice to share info. with one another.  Please keep me updated.

teko - I think this treatment or other protocol would be beneficial to everyone.  We all have toxins (bacterial/viral/heavy metals) that are introduced to our bodies simply by our environment.  I am not going to push products because that is not my intent here, but I will be happy to give you a link to the site I use so that you can read about the benefits.  There are many places to purchase this item from, but I chose this company because it is better rated than the others (you can find comparison sheets online).  

Yes, everyone has heard about the "Blue Man", lol.  In that situation, he was making his own ingredients at home...and yes, if you get too much silver in your body this can happen.  With the products being sold by official companies, this will not happen because of their mixture.  One thing I can say is, there are so many silver products out there that it's important to purchase the one that is true colloidal silver.  You can read about this in the info. I give.  True colloid silver will not be clear in will have a yellowish tint to it.  

Hope this info. is helpful to you all.  I'm excited about my treatment and plan on adding some of Dr. Jernigen's products as well, to help with herxing and immune boosting.

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by VaBreeze, Jun 22, 2009
*June 22 - Currently using 1 tsp. daily and it seems to be a good maintenance point for my body.  During the past week I have had more energy than I can recall having in the past year.  I had two periods of small herxing symptoms, but nothing that placed me in the position of being bed-ridden.  I continue to have sore muscles and part of this is the result of being more active.  I expect that as the muscles become stronger the soreness will lift to a great degree.  I feel better than I have felt since 2004.  Even my relatives have commented that it seems I am getting around better.  I noticed it, but when others do too it's a wonderful observation.  

I'm almost out and am ordering my refill.  It does work.  It doesn't fix things overnight, but it took decades for my body to become this toxic.  However, after one month of using the silver I can say it's the best thing for me and i'll continue my treatment with it on a routine daily basis.

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by VaBreeze, Jun 27, 2009
*June 27,2009 - More on the subject of colloid silver for treatment of FMS/CFIDS:

Argentyn 23 — Colloidal Silver Liquid and Nasal Spray

"Silver is a remarkable anti-infectious agent against a very broad spectrum of infections. I suspect it is more effective against a larger mix of infections than any other antibiotic or anti-infectious agent. Because it is not patentable, it cannot go through the FDA process, but has been so effective over its many decades of use that it has became controversial — despite being safe and relatively inexpensive. I suspect this occurred because makers of expensive antibiotics and antivirals were afraid it would offer too much competition!

Though effective for numerous infections when taken by mouth (or even IV), it is especially helpful for sinusitis when used as a nose spray (called "Argentyn 23 nasal spray" — which patients love). There is also an oral liquid form that can be helpful for body wide infections as well (like chronic viral infections). In low doses, this natural mineral kills viral, fungal, and bacterial infections, and liquid silver can be taken by mouth for many types of difficult-to-treat chronic infections. Silver also works well in combination with the prescription sinusitis nose spray, which your physician can call in to ITC Pharmacy (303-663-4224).
The problem with using the wrong types of silver is that if a person overdoses it can build up in their body, and turn the skin permanently blue (very Smurfy, but not a good idea). Called "argyria," this discoloration is not dangerous, but it is odd looking. Because of this, it is important to use safe forms that are very small molecules, so they don't build up in the body. I recommend the Immunogenics Argentyn 23 brand of silver liquid or nose spray. These have never caused the blue skin problem and are both safe and effective.

If dealing with a possible chronic infection, especially in CFS or fibromyalgia, it is worth a 3 month trial of Argentyn 23 colloidal silver liquid by mouth plus the immune stimulant ProBoost. I would also get 1 bottle of 90-100 zinc tablets (25 mg), and take 1 a day till they are used up. The zinc in the vitamin powder is then enough to keep levels up after the 1 bottle. Zinc deficiency is routinely present in chronic infections (which cause you to lose zinc in the urine), and zinc is critical for optimal immune function. You can find zinc in any health food store and most supermarkets (and it is very low cost)."

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by Silverwrks, Jan 01, 2012
you should see how well colloidal silver 3000 PPM works.  

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