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Cried for the first time at the RE office

May 19, 2009 - 2 comments

unexplained infertility

After so many treatments you get to know the staff and they become somewhat part of your support system. I'm glad that the nurses and doctors I work with are great! When the RNP did my u/s, she was sad for me that the last treatment failed. She did my last IUI and told me that my husbands SA were the "Michael Phelps" of spermies! So she had high hopes as did I. But AF came and here I am. I'm nervous about doing injectables only. But I'll do whatever it takes to someday be a mommy! I wish everyone going through the same thing luck and best wishes for us to be a mother one day...!

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by 40smama, May 20, 2009
I'm sorry you cried & that your last IUI was not a success.  Hearing that it's a BFN is always so hard!  I've cried several times at my re's office (too emotional from the hormones - LOL!) when things haven't gone my way.  Hopefully injectibles will do the trick.  I completely know what you mean about doing whatever it takes to be a mommy - I felt the same way.

Good luck on your upcoming cycle! - jen

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by kdm805, May 21, 2009
Thanks Jen!

Did my first injection last night. 4 more to go before my u/s. Hopefully everything turns out well...

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