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May 21, 2009 - 1 comments



Graves disease



Hi I'm Candice.  I've been diagnosed with Graves' disease in Apr 09.  Let me tell you how I got diagnosed.........In Febr 09 I had a fever and started have heart palpitations.  I walked with the palpitations for about two weeks but after that I went to the doctor because the heart that was pounding sooo fast kept me from sleeping.  The doctor asked me if I had my thyroid checked our previously and I said no.  She sent me an ECG and after that drew blood because my heart was really beating fast.  She then booked me off on sick leave, the next day she phoned me and told me the tests came back and that my thyroid was overactive.  I was actually relieved when she told me and afterwards I even felt better because I knew there was a reason that my heart was beating so fast.  To make a long story short... they did further tests and found that the whole thyroid was evenly overactive and that is called Graves' disease.  That was a shock to me because I've never even heard of this disease.  Anyway the doctor put me on medication (beta blocker & neo mercazole).  Today, 21 May 09 I went back doctor (Endocronologist) she looked my thyroid, draw some blood, checked my eyes etc, and made the dosage of the pills more.  She told my that I was going to be on the pills for a year to see if it is working.
So ya the story of my life...

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by BARBIE123841, May 21, 2009
i know its like they dont give know give i a yr? but kinda bs is that!!!!!let me em do it pills that dont work i am, im desprite to know answers and all we is here another year!!!

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