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Results Clear

May 21, 2009 - 0 comments










So I got the all clear - nothing to report - no medication, the only follow up will be to have a look at the scar in six months. I have what looks like a large nodule just below it - much bigger that the one I had removed. It's not just come up but been there since I took off the dressing for the first time.  It's very firm - I have been told to gently massage it 3 times a day with either warm olive oil or boi oil to help it!

My scar is still very red and it hurts to sneeze

Still very tired and only just managing to do 3 days back at work.  I'm very cranky and having trouble getting to sleep - I'm tired but cannot drop off - then when I do keep waking often!!!!!!

But appart from all that I am so please with my results - Thank you.

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