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Oct 17, 2013 - 12 comments

so, today ended up being kind of a hairy day, but then it turned out pretty gosh darn good.

did I tell you that I actually have one more day than my tracker says?  maybe I told u this.  but the day I set it back it was like close to midnight and so the tracker did not move or something.  anyways if it says 12 it should be 13 or whatever I haven't checked it.  yeah 13.

um ... ty to my supporters gosh I really need you right now and you are so appreciated.  and everyone else, well I understand. but am still kind of sad.

did you ever see that movie Mi Vida Loca omg the BEST movie, and there was a Sad Girl and Mousie.  I always used to call my friends little brother Mousie because he was so shy.


how ru medhelp?  it seems to have picked up a bit that is good right?

La Chula had call me last nite like ... she is sick?  she thought maybe she going to be sick tomorry.  La Chula is NEVER sick and like, I SO do not want to teach her class.  but sure as sugar, in the morning she was like on the text like 'I am not coming in to work today.'


like UGH

so I had a full class, mine and hers.  but actually Chula was not sick.  She was made sick by Roadkill her horrible and dreadful monster of a hub.  I was worried about her.  She not only never calls in sick or gets sick, she never lets anyone make her sick.  I knew it must be kind of bad.  I hoped for the best

I taught all the students, it was ok, but member Sidra and Aziz, my students I gave to Chula?  omg their atti 's have gotten SO much worse like SO much.  and they aint want to do nothing!  to boot I got into it with B who was being downright obnoxious. I pretended to hit him and strangle him the others laughed but that did not stop him.  We were actually arguing in the class.  The benefits (sic) of having adult student.s

But we did have a good day, and at the end we played a game with L's students "Hot Seat" where they have to write words for each category like they pick a letter "R" and they have to write words that start with R for like cars, fruits, clothes, countries and ... whatever.  They race against another team we have two teams they had fun and it was fun

Prior I also inadvertently got into it with Aziz and Badraa because I told them I thought the Saudi gov't was paternalistic.  Badraa was so mad.  "But they GIVE us things!'  I was like "but your not independent.  there's a price, just like any paternalistic relationship."  I would know.

oops daisy but it was ok Badraa was not mad at me.  Aziz just looks at me with his big brown eyes and shrugs.  "He is good king."   I was like, "He's old.  He's gonna die soon."  they were like "Meegan!"


so yite check it, I got off work early, no tutoring today.  so I came home and did my dvd of kickboxing, then did one and a half sets of weights so I can kick some third grader's azz ha ha ... its weird I mean my muscles look buff but I am not strong at all.  wtf?  that has always been the thing when I get my arms sculpted.  member Inner Strength?  yeah he was like 'Muscles have memory Meegy.  just keep going."  ok

after working out I put on my boots and went hiking at my home hike.  for both the workout and hike I was reeeeely tired.  I didn't sleep well and I was all worry about how mh react to my j abt Another Relapse God Meegy you are SO Weak  and so I was like dragging my azz ... but it still felt good and I was in my Nature.  I promised myself I would not laugh out loud when I glimpsed the little cholla cacti but I did anyways!  ha ha ha!    I love nature  yay yay

I got home and did some writing, left messages for two shrinky dinks, I sed TWO sho nuff ha ha!!!! Meegy you one productive bich!  ty  and um .... what else ... oh yes I got two bottles of oil for my car ... and ... I called the lawyer and left her dum little paralegal a massage

yeah so check this the ac left me 100 to fix my car.  I hate him.  I axed him just talk to me with respect and he had said he would help me and fix my car.  but no he had to be a complete azzhole and so I said forget it I don't need you.  did I tell you all this?  maybe ....  hm um .... and so instead of calling me or texting me like, 'ok im sorry I was rude'  he drops off 100

I don't have a mechanic.  that guy I met he does brakes and diagnostic.  so like, I would RATHER have the ac help me fix my car than get his dumb money!  but no.  he would rather be a azzhole to me and give me money.  whatever man

what a jerk

that I married.  :(

after that I did some (fiction) writing

I don't care what they say about me anyway  I don't care about that!

so rudely forsaken ... so sadly ... poor me

ok im back  just ruminating

after that I




oh boy was I gritting my teeth. I am like, 'I am going to be the worst hostile badazz mean and nasty person they have ever SEEN!"

have you seen Meegy trying to be a badazz bich mh?


ha ha

nobody afraid of me

not nobody


everyone like 'Hi Meegy, Hi Meegy, HI Meegy'  everyone like all nice again like how IS you?  how has you BEEN?



and after the meeting like, Mari came up to me.  she was not there last week.  she hug me like ... "Are you ok?'  I was like glower.  'Im ok'  she is like "It's ok.  It's ok.  Are you really ok?"  and of course like a big idiot I start to cry.  And she just hug me ... ohhhhhhhhhhhhh Lor those girls work Meegy over!  like 'you has to call, you need to call me" and 'no you need to call ME Meegy"  and 'Meegy call me tomorrow!'  "Meegy let me take your phone number!'

like Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww man how im goin to get out of THIS here spit?

like that medhelp

like ok.  ok.  ok.  OK I ADMIT IT these lay deez care about me

ok I make a bigger effort too



GAH  now get OFF Me!

I talk to TammyHeidi too and she is such Nice Ppl and like she had got a divo and be all talkin to me with good advice and Diamond say "you call ME tomorrow Meegy"  and like Susan all nice and kind and like

OH good lord.

So im walking out with like Mari and Megan and TammyHeidi and Diamond and like they all "You can call me anytime Meegy' and I had a hate on Megan who looked SO FLY today in leggings oh god and a cute little white sweater with crosses all over it (ill be doggone!) and Megan tell me "You can still call me Meegy" and I was like DOG!  rillydog?  I thought Megan like, only meant it that one night a long time ago ...

Mari ax me "why don't you call me?' and I said "I DO call you Mari, I called you,"  she is like "When?"  I was like 'two months ago..."

but she could of call me.  right?  still I do dig her a lot.


I come home and so I call La Chula. I told her earlier she can come over and stay here ANYtime.  and I am like, call her and she call me twice ... finally we hook up Chula crying on the fone.  I would like to go over there and KICK Rk's azz!  god I hate that guy.  I hate him.  Chula went on and on about their fight and he is just a big huge ac2.  I tell her why she with him and she don't know.  anyway we talked about the possibility of her going

I would so like to just up and off to No Carol with her.

so tomorry gonna trade some students maybe at work ... idk

Susan told me if I go to more meetings maybe I find a sponsor I like.  I told her I would try.

it was nice at the meeting tonite.  I had a good time.  I felt really cared about and ... I felt like um ... sort of back.  not completely.  but.  I guess I might try it again.  I am scared tho.  you know I have failed SO many times.  we know Meegy.  yes I know you know

ohhhhh man


I was coming down the mountain when I came  ... and I saw four YES I said FOUR I saw FOUR boys oh god medehlp I was like 'control yourself Meegy" and I swear to god they was almost of age!!! almost!!!! they were SO cute.  they were headed up to the landing to smoke pot I guess and they were all skinny and this one guy the leader had this HUGE fro sort of like that guy who plays the keyboard during the Malcom in the Middle show .. whats' his name?  Raji?  anyways the boy had the HUGEazz fro and said to me,

Hi, how you doing today/  OMG sooooooooooooooo cute!  and there were two others that said hello and how are you like that, very polite and so sweet and like OH MY GOD  MEEGY STOP IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DONT LOOK AT THEM GOD!  didn't you learn ANYTHING from the BenBoy thing?

yes.  don't flirt with guys who wear sock hats.  

they weren't wearing sock hats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

so Chula said she is safe and she is just going to go to bed, I sed I will leave my fone ON and in the bed with me.  case you call.

I gotta go

I am so tired the sheep are counting ME

I love you medhelp.  even the ppl that don't love me no more.  

it was just a joke.



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Avatar universal
by ROSYouralright, Oct 17, 2013
They are right ya know..... U are bound to find a sponsor you like :)

1235186 tn?1549261219
by atthebeach, Oct 17, 2013
hi meeg you had a very productive day,  good for you. the ladies at na are there for you,
they are there in the flesh, sadly I cant be, please reach out to them, they offer, take them up on it.
I am happy you had a great meeting.
everything is gonna be alright....
believe it....

5685035 tn?1423936569
by Heather8448, Oct 17, 2013
sponsors are like choclate there are 5000000000000000 different types but keep tasting and you are BOUND to find one YOU LOVE

Avatar universal
by weaver71, Oct 17, 2013
I found that using those phone numbers a lot helped me find the one who was available more, helped and related to my struggle. It took awhile, so I kept a temp for the time being. Keep trying new things till something fits.

3197167 tn?1348972206
by clean_in_ks, Oct 17, 2013
You are making PROGRESS......believe it....believe in YOU......when you knock.....the doors WILL open...they already are, dear one.  I think of you OFTEN....and pray for unceasingly.  "Action Jackson".....LOL  ((((HUGS))))) Connie

1742220 tn?1331360327
by meegWpaw, Oct 17, 2013
u guys are all so wonderful.  ty weaver, and connie, heather, rosy, Debbie.  I am feeling kind of down right now, will write more later. ty so much everyone.


1742220 tn?1331360327
by meegWpaw, Oct 18, 2013
Rosy ty again, I know, they are right, and u make me smile ... Heather you make me Laugh and feel good.  weaver, I never thought of it that way, that is such sound and practical advice.  ty!!!!    Debbie, awww you know how good you are, lay dee, and Connie... Connie!!!!  how is your memory so amazing?????  omg!!!! you astound me!  ty lots and lots everybody ... again ...


4522800 tn?1470329434
by VICourageous, Oct 18, 2013

5685035 tn?1423936569
by Heather8448, Oct 18, 2013

1742220 tn?1331360327
by meegWpaw, Oct 18, 2013
awww Vickie!  ty!  I missed you!!!  Heather u are so wonderful to me!!!! <3 u both

5347058 tn?1381192026
by ariley13, Oct 18, 2013
Proud of you now and always Meegy. Just stick with it and give it all you've got girl! I hope you are having a good night. Big hugs to you sweet girl. Love you! ----La La

1742220 tn?1331360327
by meegWpaw, Oct 18, 2013
La La I Missed you!!!!  yay La La!  ty for your support it means a awful very lot.  ima stick with it.  all ive got!!! yes.  I hope you are having a good night too.. I love you too

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