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Cancer Poem

May 22, 2009 - 0 comments













Oh my what is this lump I feel?
It can’t be there
It can’t be real!

I had my mammogram last year,
This can’t be cancer
The thing I fear!

After being mashed, squished, poked and prodded
I asked my Dr.
And he just nodded

But I exercise, eat healthy, and don’t smoke
This can’t be real
It must be a joke!

All these thoughts went through my head
Will I live or will I be dead?

I am still young, only 47
Will I die and go to heaven?

I looked at my Dr. with a tear in my eye
I told him to fix me
I am not ready to die!

He looked at me with compassion and assurance
And all I could think is
I am glad I have insurance!

4 Months of chemo
6 Weeks of radiation
5 years of Tamoxifen
Would be my cure
It would clean my body
And make me pure

I swallowed hard and held my breath
I prayed these treatments would save me from death

Five years have passed
And I am happy to say
I am alive and healthy
To this day!

By: Bonita
Owner of ABonita Scarf LLC
Merritt Island, FL

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