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Oct 10, 2013 - 0 comments

I thought I ovulated around this time. I'm not sure now. My cervix was open for about 3 days, enough for a finger tip. I was having eggwhite cm and now I'm having watery. I did NOT check my cervix on 10/19/13 but I put medium, because it was medium this morning on 10/20. I think it felt open 10/16 10/17 and 10/18.
I was expecting it to be closed and to eventually go low for AF. Now I'm just confused about it all. My cycle has already gone to 26 days, which is unusual. My cycles are irregular, but they are on the shorter side, like 21-24 days. I had pains, that weren't bad, just a little crampiness that I thought was a pending AF. I usually feel something like that a day or two before I get it. Now I'm all stressed!! When hubby and I DTD on the 16th!! he put it in just for one stroke before he put a condom on.
Hubby goes for vasectomy consult on Wed and his surgery is scheduled for the 29th.
Usually I get my AF 7 days after ovulating, so I'm trying not to stress too much, it still has time to come.

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