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Post PRK - not what I expected

Apr 19, 2008 - 60 comments

I am writing this because I recently had PRK (vision correction) done on both eyes, at the same time.  I couldn’t find much information the months that I was searching online, prior to my procedure.  There were many articles on how the procedure was done, but mostly, about how long the cornea took to heal.  There was little explained, in any of the articles I had read, as to how long it takes until you can actually see clearly enough to be able to live a normal life.  I am here, anonymously, to tell you that it is not as simple as it may seem and that it can be an unpleasant experience.

I suffer from very dry eyes and had a condition called MDF (nothing serious), both of these facts prevented me from being a Lasik candidate.  I had been wearing contacts for 10 years and found that the contacts were damaging my eyes and had to stop.  I tried glasses for 4 months and I couldn’t deal with them.  Therefore, I had PRK done 2-1/2 weeks ago.  I was under the impression, from everything I had read, that it takes between 4 – 6 days until the cornea heals itself.  In that period of time, a bandage contact is placed in each eye to protect the cornea while it heals.  While the procedure itself was painless (they put numbing drops in your eyes), after the first few hours, when the drops wear off, you do feel mild to severe discomfort as the cornea heals for a few days, depending on how sensitive your eyes are.  I can deal with the pain, especially since I was aware that it would only be for 6 days.  Six days after the procedure, when the protective contacts were removed, everything was extremely blurry, more so than before.  I asked the doctor how long it would take, so I can give my employer a return date to work, and he said that it depends on the individual; that it could take anywhere between two weeks to even 6 months until I can achieve my optimum vision.  Ok, so here again, I was under the impression that I would be able to see ok, but that it would just keep getting better and better and within 6 months, I’d have x-ray vision, so to speak.  Well, what he actually meant was that I would not be able to see enough to be on my own.  My husband travels and he had to leave the state for a week and I was left alone.  We both thought that by the time he left, I’d be able to take care of myself.  Not so.  Here I am, alone, can’t read, can’t drive, can’t get on the internet and can’t watch tv.  I had to wear dark glasses around the house because the light bothered my eyes.  I began to get a little anxious.  Days passed and no improvement.  I called the doctor’s office only to be told that it would improve slightly every day.  I honestly didn’t see the improvement.  A few days later, I had a breakthrough and began to see about 5 feet away.  The next morning it was back to blurry.  It’s still blurry.  I don’t need to look at the keyboard to type but I feel the need to share this with anyone who is planning on doing this.  I would suggest to anyone considering this procedure, to have one eye done at a time, and space it well (at least a month in between).  Make sure that you can take the time off work and that you have someone to help you out.

The day before my procedure, I read a blog by a football player who told of his experience where it was 4 weeks and two days before he could see.  I was told that maybe his case was different, since certain conditions, like severe myopia, can affect the time it takes to heal.  I’m thankful that I read his blog, which is why I’m writing this one, because I have hope that in another two weeks or so, I’ll be ok, too.  By the way, I went to an excellent ophthalmologist, who I have total confidence in and is very capable (I researched him well) and he works for a very successful and well-known eye institute in my area.  I just wish that he had made it clear at the beginning, how long I’d need help and how long it would take for me to get back to work.  

It is now 3-1/2 weeks.  Not much change.  Went to see my opthalmologist who prescribed glasses because I am now, supposedly temporarily, nearsighted.  Can't get used to the glasses, too strong.  I mean, in a matter of days, I became very nearsighted and it takes awhile to get used to such a strong prescription.  Therefore, I am still unable to drive.  My distance eye seems to be getting a little better, although still very hazy.  But my reading eye, seems to be getting worse today.  I wonder if it fluctuates as it corrects.  Not sure.  My employer has been trying to be very patient.  I really hope I don't lose my job.  My opthalmologist explained that his patients who are farsighted, as I was,  when they have PRK, the prescription overshoots and eventually "hopefully" goes to where it was aimed.   This may take months.  And why didn't I know this before?  Well, if you are contemplating this procedure because you are not a good candidate for Lasik, make sure you get all of the facts first.  I wish I had read a blog like this before I had mine done.

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by mmmcormick, Sep 28, 2008
I agree with the above.  They doctors do not tell you the magnitude of the recovery period.  Much, much longer than Lasik. I had Lasik at TLC in November of 2007.  Was able to see perfectly for 2 weeks then vision slowly regressed and I was told to wait at least 6 months to let my vision stabilize before they could do an enhancement on both eyes.  I was under the impression the entire time that the enhancement would be Lasik surgery.  At the last minute heading out the door at my pre-surgical appointment the front desk girl slips in a piece of a paper type brochure into my pre-surgical folder and explains to me at the front desk that the surgeon will decide whether or not he will do Lasik or PRK.  I had no idea what PRK was.  A week later I show up for surgery and the doctor not even the surgeon yet comes in and informs me that I will be getting PRK surgery and that the recovery period can be "a little bit longer than Lasik usually about 2-3 weeks."  So I agree because at this point they are painting a pretty bleak picture of the "risks" of Lasik enhancement of which was NEVER EVER brought up to me in the past. I figure they know what they are doing let them do their job. The pain on a scale of 1-10 was about a 5 and managed ok with tylenol #3.  That only lasted about 24 hours.  Now the vision thing on the other hand feels catastrophic to me.  I could not drive safely and actually see while doing so for at least 1.5 weeks.  Very dangerous to do so and they don't emphasize that enough.  But you have to drive to live and that frustrated me and my family not being prepared enough for this outcome.  Forget night driving for weeks. I won't even attempt it again right now. I am 4 weeks post op and now back in glasses because the enhanced eye is still blurry both up close and with distance and the other eye needs enhanced and doesn't see well.  The two just aren't coming together and I am miserable.  I am wearing glasses with one lense popped out just to make somewhat sense of what I am seeing. I have turned down 2 part time jobs and about ready to quit a 3rd for lack of vision.  Socializing and being with people is frustrating.  I have crawled into a hole and don't want to come out.  I would have never have done PRK had I known the outcome.  Plan on setting aside 1 year for PRK.  On the worse case scenario it will be up to 6 months recovery for one eye then another 6 months recovery for the second.  This for me is on top of waiting 9 months post op Lasik to even begin the enhancement process.  I thought I would be walking in getting Lasik and walking out seeing 20/20 immediately.  Not true!          

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by HazelNut82, Oct 02, 2008
I m considering PRK to be done as soon as possible as i can't wear contact lens for even one day more. Hearing that it takes long time to get back to corrected vision has worrying me now. I m -4.50 on left eye and -4.00 on right eye. Will PRK overcorrect my vision? Will i need to wear glasses again so soon in the future if it is over or perfectly corrected? Oh, and is droopy eyelids a common complications of PRK? I hope that someone can answer my question. SOS!

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by Winikor, Mar 20, 2009
To: mmmcormick
I am sorry it took me so long to read your post but I'm not that familiar with this site and don't check it often.  I feel terrible about what's happened to you but if HazelNute82 hasn't yet done hers, I don't recommend it.  In 6 days it will be ONE YEAR since my PRK procedure in both eyes.  I have had numerous visits with the opthalmologist who performed the PRK.  The problems never totally went away.  And, during the last visit a few weeks ago, he said that my left eye overcorrected and he would have to re-do it (using PRK).  I told him absolutely not.  It has taken me all this time to get my life back.  I nearly lost my mind.  I went thru 6 weeks of not leaving my house because I could not see one inch in front of me.  Not one inch.  I had to have friends help me when my husband was out of town on business.  I couldn't see my food, couldn't cook, couldn't see the clothes I had to put on, couldn't find the soap in the shower, and on and on... I felt totally helpless.  It has been a total nightmare.  Glasses have not helped me at all b/c I get dizzy since now I'm so nearsighted on my left eye.  My right eye got a lot better and thank goodness for that, that is the only way I've gone back to a normal life.  It's been a heck of a year and I don't wish it on anyone.  If it was absolutely necessary for anyone to do it, I would  only recommend that you do PRK one eye at a time giving at least 6 months to do the other.  Looking at the worse case scenario is the only way with PRK.  I still have days that I wake up and the distance eye is very blurry and I can't go anywhere.  I can only see about 8 inches away with my left eye - it's great b/c for about 6 months, I could only see about 3 inches away.   I am fortunate that my job is 8 minutes from where I live and I know the streets but on those days that I wake up with blurry vision, I can't get in my car to go anywhere, it is a risk for me and other drivers.  I just stay home, get rides or take cabs.  My eyes are very dry and I sleep with goggles.  If the goggles move during the night and it presses on one of my eyes, I will be blurry all day the next day.  Anything pressing on the cornea causes this.  Dryness also causes blurriness.  This has been a nightmare and every time I think it's over, I wake up and can't see again.  Please reconsider when deciding on PRK, at least give it thorough examination.  I feel for you.

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by Bebechic, Mar 26, 2009
My husband and i both wore glasses and his eyes were worst than mine.  He decided to get his eyes checked to see if he was a good candidate for a Wavefront Lasik and found out that he was.  He recommended that I should get mine checkd too.  The docor told me that I was a good candidate for the Wavefront PRK.  At first we thought it would be the same procedure since they were both wavefronts  Lucky for me he was nice enough to let me get my eyes corrected first rather than his since he says that I always misplace my glasses.  After the procedure, my eyes were sensitive to light and had to wear dark glasses that the doctor provided.  I also had to put 3 different drops to prevent my eyes from getting infection, which I also took the day before the procedure. The rest of the drops were comfort drops.  Anyway, the first hour after the numbing drops wore off, I was in a lot of pain. I forced myself to sleep so I wouldn't feel the pain. But I got scared b/c when I tried opening my eyes, they wouldn't. My lids felt like they were shut and had to forced them open. The next day my vision was very hazy and got worst by the 4th day. After a week they took of the clear contacs that protected my cornea and seemed like my vision got worst. I couldn't drive and work. I could probably see about 3ft away but hazy and the rest were non existant.

2wks have passed after the procedure and my vision still wasn't great. I kept calling the doctor'soffice and asked them if what I was going through was normal and they kept telling me that it was. That it would take at least 3-6 months for my eyes to get better. It would have been nice if they would have told me that before the procedure. All they mentioned was 4-6 days for the cornea to heal.  I told him that I wished that I should have just stucked wearing my glasses.  He felt bad that I he suggested that I had gone first.

It has now been 6 weeks and my vision is great. I now thank my husband that I had gotten my eyes done. I am now free of wearing glasses except of course sunglasses. I just had my check up Tues and the doctor said that I had a fast recovery and my vision on both eyes are 20/15.  They are better than 20/20. I was told that it could get better. Aside from putting some Preservative Free eye drops when they feel dry, my vision is incredible. I can even see things that my husband can't see even with his glasses on.

Thank you Dr. Scott Hyver (49ers specialist)    

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by Winikor, Apr 05, 2009

You are very fortunate.  I am glad that it only took you 6 weeks.  The problem here is that the doctors don't tell you that it's going to take that long and I feel this procedure should be done one eye at a time so that you can go on with your life as the eye heals.  Like I said, it's be over a year now.  I wake up some days (as I did today) where I can't see very well.  I did the full mono and am not supposed to need glasses for close up.  My problem is the pc.  I work on a pc all day.  My corneas healed ok as per the dr.  Now I have a new problem which they said is not related.  Now I'm seeing spots from the left eye (the one that didn't correct properly).  He said that it's a normal process for my age that the vitriuous fluid detaches itself from the retina.  I started to see flashes of lightning and they said that might be due to a the detachment which could tare the retina.  I have to be careful with that now.  It's not painful but it's yet another eye issue that I did not expect.  My vision is much better (it took nearly 9 months so you're fortunate) but for me, it was not worth it.  I would have stayed with the glasses had I known I would have these problems.  I still don't recommend PRK for both eyes at one time.
Good luck to you and I'm glad you're doing great.

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by Cathy4, Jun 09, 2009
I had PRK surgery in one eye (for distance) leaving the other eye that sees perfectly close up.  After the surgery weeks, then months went by and my vision seemed worse than ever.  When I finally saw the doctor he was puzzled and said my eye had reacted atypically and it over corrected.  I'm seeing him again in July and if my eye has stabilized he will do the surgery again.  Has anyone been "over corrected"? What should I expect from a second surgery?  Meanwhile the doctor paid for new glasses for me so I can at least drive safely.

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by Winikor, Jul 19, 2009
To Cathy4:

I was overcorrected in my reading eye.  The doctor said he had never seen a case as severe as mine and he even brought in his partner into the examining room.  He told me that he had seen cases where this happened and in time it reversed by itself.  After almost a year, he said he would do the surgery to correct it.  I refused.  If the first time it didn't work, I wasn't sure I would do well the second.  I felt like "why would it work now if the first time it didn't and what guarantees was he able to give me that it wouldn't get worse????  I found, as you can read from my blog, that PRK was not what I thought it would be.  My doctor also got me glasses:  I had to change the prescription 3 times, my eyesignt changed so much.  I'm ok now but it took over a year.  My distance eye finally corrected itself but the overcorrected eye took a year and it's not quite where it was corrected for.  I don't know anyone who has had PRK twice to correct an overcorrection.  I hope someone writes to you and tells you their experience.  Good luck to you.  I know how frustrating this can be!!!!

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by lookkinfoxxy, Nov 17, 2009
I had PRK done in both eyes on the same day.  I had given much thought to the surgery and was tired of leaving my glasses on the mattress next to my pillow so I could see the clock in the morning. I had a -8.00 in both eyes for over ten years.  That is legally blind in Ohio (I was told by my family eye doctor) .  So I had the procedure done in April of 2006.  The surgery recovery was painful after the numbing drops wore off.  I remember stilling in bed crying because my eyes hurt terribly.  Then after a few weeks my eyes started to feel better.  My problem is that it has been almost 4 years and about a year ago I noticed that my vision started to get a bit blurry and so I went to my annual eye checkup in April of 2009 and my vision has been regressing (getting worse!!!!).  I am so upset.  Basically my vision has been steadily been getting worse over the last year and a half.  Does anyone have a similar story.

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by jena_lou0325, Nov 22, 2009
I am really happy to have found this "sight" since I am having a really really hard time adjusting to this change in lifestyle. I had PRK done November 13, 2009. And yes, I am feeling like I was not completely informed on what to expect. I was told at my Post op exam on Saturday 11-14 that I would be able to drive myself to my appointment on Tuesday 11-17. So didn't happen and I am still not able to drive, read or watch tv comfortably. I called the office and was told everyone heals differently, give it time. How much time? I can't keep expecting people to drive me to work each morning and then home each evening. I am a trainer for a credit union and my whole job depends upon my eyesight. I am afraid that it will never get better. I know that I should be thankful to have my eyesight, which is definitely better than I had without any glasses or contacts (-5.75 in each eye) but no where near what it would take for me to safely drive. I go to bed hopeful each night to wake up each morning to disappointment. I had 2 days of severe pain and swelling until the contacts came out and my poor husband is a mess over this. Thankfully the people i work with are amazing and are being so supportive of this craziness. It's scary to think that I spent all that money on something that may not have even worked. But from rreading these experiences, I guess I must only be patient and as they say "time heals". I just wish that I was completely informed before so that I woldn't be so depressed and angry. It wears one you, and I feel like some bully on the playground stole my glasses and stomped on them and I have to wait til my mom can take me to the eye doctor for new ones. I return to the dr on Tuesday 11-24, so hopefully they will be more up front and I will have good news to come home with. I just know that I have never before wanted to cook, clean and pay bills so badly in my life!!!

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by melcourt, Dec 07, 2009
Hello all, well it seems like all doctors have come to an agreement not to tell us the truth about recovery time. My doctor also sugar coated it telling me I would be able to drive after a week... I am now almost 2 weeks later and really can't even think about driving. In fact, in the last 2 days my eyesight seems to have gotten worse. I was -6 in both eyes, so I see a bit better than I did before without my lenses but it is very hard mentally and physically (I always have headaches because my eyes are not on the same page...). I wish I could find a site where they explain the recovery process and time in a truthful manner so I can realistically set my expectations. I know it is still early after the procedure but I am very anxious that I spent all that money ($5K) to end up wearing contact lenses anyways...

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by elvengood, Jan 22, 2010
Patience people, patience. Yes, it takes a LONG time recover from PRK, yes, it is VERY painful 48 hours after surgery, and YES, dry eyes are an issue. But it gets better. The cycle is: worry, freak out, worry a little less, forget about it, realize one day you have forgot about it, begin to marvel at your vision.

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by PRKPatient, Feb 06, 2010
After reading all the posts above, I know I am not the only one that is having problems, but still it is very frustrating.  I had PRK done on both eyes 2 1/2 weeks ago.  I was -7.50 in both eyes, so according to a few states qualified for being legally blind.  My eye sight was at about 20/50 a week post surgery, but has been progressively getting worse, now down to a 20/70 and far sighted. I sit in front of a computer at my job all day, and it was to the point that I couldn't see my monitor any more.  My optometrist gave me contact lenses in order for me to work and drive.  To be honest, I was never told the recovery period is going to be so tough and will last so long (1 month at least up to 6 months?)  I am very frustrated and concerned that I may never be able to see well.  My cornea is really thin now it is possible that even an "enhancement" may not be performed.  I feel like I made a terrible decision, and should have just stayed with wearing contacts for the rest of my life.  

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by Winikor, Feb 09, 2010
It is now close to 2 years since I had mine (read my post of April 2008) and my life has gone back to almost normal, I say normal because I got used to my "disability".  The surgeon suggested "re doing the left eye" and I thought: why would it work the second time if the first time it didn't work? so I turned him down.  I got used to my vision the way it is now.  Yes, it's better than it was before the PRK when I couldn't see without glasses or contacts, However, the screen on the pc is a challange.  Reading is a challange. Driving at night is a challange.  The dry eyes are definitely a challange.  I am totally nearsighted in one eye and see just ok with the other.  But it beats wearing glasses and I wasn't able to wear contacts.  I just wish I had known the truth and I would have done one eye at a time.  And the pain was really unbearable, wish I had known that, too.

Patience is what you need if you've had PRK.  Lots of it.  Good luck.

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by Cath1965, Feb 11, 2010
I am 5 weeks post PRK.  Last week at my 1 month appointment I was "around" 20/30 in one eye and 20/40 in the other, I say around because nothing was completely clear on the lines that I read. I do believe the doctors sugar coat the information. I thought I would be seeing clearly after one week. What I misunderstood was that the healing process would take about a week, not my vision. If I had known better I would have done one eye at a time, my vision was -4.50 in both eyes before my surgery. The first 3 days where the worst, it felt like someone had squeezed onion juice in both my  eyes. I don't like taking pain medicine but I was popping the pills for the first few days. If anyone is considering having PRK, do one eye at a time. It will save your sanity.

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by Ironlily, Feb 16, 2010
In 2006 I had lasik-monovision.  Great no problem at all.  In 2008 I had an enhancement done in right right eye . That was also lasik.  Great no problem.  This Jan. I went back for another re-enhancement-same eye-but this time I was told PRK would be done. Being as trusting as a fool never questioned it.  The pain was excruciating-I was told this was normal.  Not so-what I had was a staph infection.  Am still in pain-and still have no sight at all! Doctor just says hopefully I'll get my sight back.  When?  Doesn't know that either.

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by Winikor, Feb 16, 2010
To Ironlily:

Wow, a staph infection must be really really painful on top of the PRK.  I actually went to a second doctor at Bascom Palmer after my PRK b/c I really thought that when they did the PRK, it wasn't done correctly.  At least on you only had PRK in one eye, right?  Good luck.  I really hope you get your sight back soon.  I know what it's like and don't even want to remember the pain!

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by datek101, Jun 22, 2010
Had PRK done in July 2008, then enhanced again in April in both eyes is getting worse every month and now I have floaters/blurry vision in one eye as well....heading for a checkup in 2 weeks and not even sure what options they will give me. I thought the healing for the first operation was bad, nothing compared to the 2nd time around that I don't think I could physically go through a 3rd time.

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by soccermom00011, Jul 28, 2011
I had Lasik in 2003 - it was great! My vision started to change and in 2009 I had an enhancement on the right eye.  Thought it was going to be Lasik again - wrong - it was PRK (found out the day I had it).  Sever headaches started on the right side of my head. My eye dr.s did not think it was PRK - my medical dr. said it was - since it happened right after surgery (about 2 wks).  I have had nothing but problems and no one seems to know why.  Eye dr that did surgery wanted to redo - I said "NO".  Now I only have headaches on occassion - after 2 years.  Very dry eye and still have pain behind that eye several days a week. I need contacts - but can't keep it in on the right I - too flat.

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by soccermom00011, Jul 28, 2011
Oh,  I have floaters so bad that I can't see out of that eye at times and I'm told that is normal and also it is blurry most of the time.
Can anyone suggest anything that would help?

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by EvoTheory, Aug 26, 2011
I had PRK yesterday and had better than expected results! I went to Dr. Caster in Beverly Hills, one of the top Dr's in his field. Unlike the original poster above, I researched this significant procedure myself. It amazes me when people don't do their own research or choose a second rate Dr. to perform permanent procedures on the only two eyes you'll ever have, unless technology changes quite a bit..

Today, the day after the procedure, I passed the driving eye test, which i could not do previously. Pain and discomfort have been mild thus far but I'm expecting it to increase on the 3rd and 4th days. My Dr. explained most possible complications and I fully expect to take three months before I'm recovered. I also expected not to even see for the first week, however like I explained I have much better than expected results. I'm real happy with the Dr. and the procedure. I'd recommend anyone interested in PRK do extensive research and spend the extra time and money to go to an excellent doctor. Again, you only have two eyes.

I chose PRK instead of LASIK so I can do physical contact sports without extra concern, and because with LASIK after about 7-10 years people are experiencing scarring issues that are just now coming to the attention of the public. I'd rather suffer longer npw to ensure future me is better off..

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by PRK_patient, Jun 19, 2012
I have had my PRK 3 weeks ago, by one of the best doctors in my region. I've been told that usually it takes 2 weeks to come back to normal life, I mean when you can drive, read and work with your PC without major problems. I did not expect to be able to do anything during the first week. After the operation I was given some pain pills, but I have never used them, since the pain was not severe, I was able to fall asleep at night, despite I had a little discomfort. Just after the operation my sight was pretty good, but after a couple of hours eyes started to hurt and I had to use sun glasses at any time I go out. During next 5 days after the procedure my sight was getting worse, but when after one week my doctor took protective contact lenses off, my vision improved dramatically. After that the biggest problem for me was light, I wasn't able to drive or even read. As my doctor said, this was caused by mitomycine - drug used during surgery in order to prevent scarring of cornea, one of side effects of which is photophobia. I was feeling better every day since then, but there are days when eyes hurt more and I can't drive because of light. Anyway, my vision is almost perfect and I feel it's getting better. I believe my doctor didn't warn me that it could take 6-8 weeks to recover, but I still think I made a correct decision. I had -9 on both eyes and now when I'm not fully recovered I already can see better than I was seeing with contact lenses (which I was using for 14 years). I think one should perform a thorough research before the operation and get realistic expectations on recovery time and experience. I will hurt, I will frustrate you, it will probably drive you almost crazy, but it will pass. The most important thing in my opinion is to get the bet surgeon you can find. As EvoTheory, I'm glad I had PRK because i do a lot of extreme and contact sport and I will not have any risk of flap dislocation as you have after LASIK surgery. 

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by PRK_Patient_KO, Apr 09, 2013
I had lasik done on both of my eyes about 13 years ago in 2000. My prescription was -9.00 in my right eye and -8.50 in the left.  Lasik was able to correct my vision to about 20/30. i was very satisfied.  Recently though in my right eye, can only see close up with my left eye for distance.  Apparantly my right eyes vision decreased only to allow me to see nearsighted.  So now I have monovision. i consulted lasik doctor and he told me if I get an enchancment on my right eye, I would need reading glasses for reading.  I was undecided weather or not to forgo nearvision for both eyes to be able to see distance.  I elected the latter for farsightness. its been about a month now and I dread it. i want my nearvision back. Can't stand reading glasses. They help a little but my vision is blurry for far and near. Even with reading glasses. this happened as soon as they removed my contact lense bandage from my right eye. they told me that my contact didn't have prescription but after speaking to one of the reps, she indicated there was a small prescription. No wonder, I was seeing well. They tell me that "be patient, your vision will improve with the healing process". I'm freaking out. i called lasik and scheduled a followup to see if there is anything wrong.  I don't know. Hopefully, i'll be able to post the results.

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by Mitch1968, Jul 02, 2013
I ve had a lasik about 15years ago and had a superb view untill last year my sight reduced and I became a myopist for +/- 1. My doc and I decided to go for PRK on the farsighted eye so I should reach the monovision state. I ve had the treatment about 3 weeks ago and the sight on my treated eye is far from good. I ve visited the doc yesterday and he told me the eye was overcorrected to +2  The reason is not a wrong measurement or a bad use of the laser but he told me that differences of the cornea, caused by the lasik 15yrs ago, is the cause of the overshooting. That change of the cornea could –strangely -  not have been measured in advance… A correction of that eye can be made within 3 months by using the same PRK-method. I have to admit to be scared to pass this redoal again and I m not sure I will let it happen. Is it possible what the doc claims about the cornea?  Is there a chance my view mysteriously returns during the next weeks? Anyone who has similar experiences? Please help, I am desperate. Every advice / personal experience on that matter is appreciated!! My advice: never go for 2 eyes at the same time by PRK!! If I have had done so, I would have been  - I hope ‘temporaly’ - a blind man…

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by RunnerGirl923, Feb 18, 2014
I had LASIK on both eyes 8 years ago. Over time my right eye returned to being near-sighted, while my left remained far-sighted. It was great because I had mono vision and didn't need reading glasses. Over the past year I noticed my left eye was becoming more near- sighted. My eye doctor recommended doing a "touch up" in my left eye using PRK to return it to far- sighted. She explained that PRK has been more effective in post-LASIK touch ups.  So, eight weeks ago today I had the procedure. I had many of the typical issues mentioned in earlier posts in the few weeks after the procedure. In the last two weeks I noticed that my left eye was becoming more and more near-sighted. I've had a headache everyday for the past 2 weeks. My eyes are tired from straining to see distance.  A visit to my doctor revealed that my left eye is more near-sighted now than it was before the PRK "touch up".  I am so frustrated, angry and scared that the PRK didn't work or wasn't done correctly. I asked my doctor how my vision could fluctuate so wildly ( I was seeing distance  fairly well in the few weeks after PRK).   She suggested that since my job requires me to be on my computer so much, my left eye, being malleable for up to 6 months post-procedure, may be adjusting to near-sighted. She has me using the steroid drops, Flarex 4 times a day for two weeks. I asked her what happens after that, to which she had no substantive answer.  I've been using the steroid drops for 5 days now and there is no improvement. She also gave me daily contact lenses to use for distance in my right eye.  Has anyone had a similar experience? I fully expect ill have to wear contacts again. I will never have another touch up procedure!

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by ErinGrant, Feb 28, 2014
I had PRK done almost 3 months ago, one eye for near, the other for far. I still have blurry vision, unable to read street signs, and anything far. My near site is clear, but I mean just looking at my palm up close. Looking at a foot away becomes blurry. I was told recovery is longer but was never informed of possibility to have blurry vision for a few months. I am fraustrated and already panic as life does not seem to be the same even when I had to wear glasses for reading and PC. I am about to lose hopes, but will see the doctor tomorrow hopping to get an honest opinion about what is really going on!

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by RunnerGirl923, Mar 02, 2014
ErinGrant your experience sounds like mine. Although I only had one eye done. I cannot imagine having PRK done on both eyes at once. My vision still hasn't improved after using the steroid drops for about 2 weeks. I have a follow up appt in a few days, but I know my vision hasn't improved. I'm almost at the 3-month date of the procedure and just can't believe how poor my vision is. Shopping is horrible. I feel like I'm closed off from everyone and my surroundings because I can't see well. I never would've had PRK if I had any inclination of what the process would be.

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by penny4luck, Apr 11, 2014
Hello everyone,
I am so scared, depressed, panic - you name it.  I had PRK March 20th (3 weeks ago yesterday).  I am only seeing 20/50 in my left eye, and 20/40 in my right.  I was advised today that in addition to swelling (edema), and a tiny bit of haze under the epithelium, I have been overcorrected - by a LOT.  I have +300 in my left eye now, and around +150 in my right.  I can't see without reading glasses, and at that, things are still not really clear.  I have three little kids, and a career that requires me to drive and use the computer all day.  The doctor took me off of pred forte completely today, as apparently the steroids actually create slow healing?  I was given contacts to wear, which I have in right now and they actually made my vision worse, if that is possible.  I left a message to book another appointment for the contacts, as I was not booked to see them for a month.  Apparently they don't need to see me for a month as it is just "time" to see how the cornea thickens.  I am so scared that I have voluntarily ruined my life.  I am crying just writing this.  Has anyone gone through this with overcorrection and it regressed or changed in time?  Or heard of any stories of others with overcorrection that has healed/changed?  At this point I don't care if I wear glasses or contacts, as long as I can see :(

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by iengmh, Apr 30, 2014
are you getting better yet after stopping pred forte?  Are you using a milder steroid or no steroid at all?

I am 2 weeks after my PRK.  I was told to stop pred forte but use Lotemax (I guess a milder steroid) after day4.  But my eyes are still overcorrected for about +1.5 now.  I am wondering if I should stop even Lotemax or reduce at least.

My doctor did tell me that some overcorrection is normal for about a month but I was expect 0.75 to 1 only.  I think even 1.5 is too much.  I hope my dcotor will something tomorrow as I have scheduled an additional appointment with him because of my worry about overcorrection.

Please let me know of your status asap.  Your situation seems to be similar to mine and I think it should be fixable since we are still at early stage of recovery.  I am saying that to calm myself too!

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by iengmh, May 03, 2014
Hi all,
Today is my Day 16 after PRK.  My overcorrection is getting worse everyday so I need to upgrade my reading glasses from drug store to +2.0.  My overcorrected eyes won't mind if I get +2.5.
A +2.0 overcorrection!  I don't think that is part of the normal recovery as my doc tried to clam me.  I have lost hope for its normal recovery to good vision.  I feel my surgeon or laser center did wrong calculation somehow.
If anybody who has successfully recovered from a +2.0 overcorrection, please let me know and give me hope.
I feel so stupid to pay $5000 for an endless nightmare.
I feel so depressed whenever I think of this bad vision to stay with me for rest of my life.  

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by trentg, May 26, 2014
If I had read all of these bad reports before my surgery I probably would have been too scared to do anything.. I went to a seminar 22 years ago when they first started doing corrective surgery and decided that it was to new and I'd been so used to glasses and contacts that It wasn't a real big deal to get the surgery.. I am 47 years old and my far vision was never good but now if I wore contacts I couldn't read my computer. We tried using one strong contact in one side to see distance and a different one in my left to see close.. This solution is ok... just ok.. However.. i often experienced a little double vision and haze at times with contacts.. When I wore my glasses I'd always be taking them off to read, putting them back on to see.. Tried Nikon progressive lenses last year and they were absolutely terrible.. I made the decision that if my vision got any worse I'd go for eye surgery and get readers.  I had lasik done by one of the top firms in Calgary,AB last Thursday and I walked out with hazy full vision.. The next morning I went back for my eye test and had 20/15 in both eyes.. However reading up close is 3rd day near the end of the day was extremely good and my ability to see near was getting better.. The fourth day I woke up and was worried.. a little double vision and hazy.. but by the end of the day it seemed to correct itself. I've read a lot about PRK and Lasik.. both are a little risky.. but I have 2 friends with Lasik and they seem to be happy.. My one friend is a Motocross racer and an avid standup jetskiier.. He had lasik done 14 years ago and has had no complaints.. He said it's the way to go.. I think everyone's experience is different and Unique.. get a really good doctor.. don't look for a discount.

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by MHreports, Jul 11, 2014
Thank you all for sharing your stories. It looks like we are all in the same boat of feeling as if we were inadequately warned by our health care providers about the difficult recovery for PRK patients. I am a little over a week into my recovery, which has been brutal. I was in extreme pain the second and third day after surgery, necessitating a trip to the ER as my doctor hadn't prescribed any pain killers. My bandage contact lenses just came out and I'm now just waiting... waiting to see if my blurry world gets any better. I've outlined my experience on my blog, which can be found at As a reporter for a newspaper, I thought I'd done my research on this surgery, but I've been left feeling like I was lied to by my doctor.  

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by JDMars02, May 18, 2015
It does get better!  But yes...NOBODY really explained to me I would not be able to see clearly for 4-6 weeks!
Crisp, clear visual acuity like before when I wore my glasses. Of course I am seeing better than when I did not wear glasses at all.However, it truly is a struggle to go 3-4 weeks and see little improvement of visual acuity.
I guess it just takes time for that epithelium over your cornea to heal/. There are 5 cell layers as each layer regenerates your vision will fluctuate. Perhaps, due to the fact I am over  50 years of age, I just take longer to heal.  

I am  pretty sure I am going to LOVE my new eyes. In the meantime, my vision fluctuates throughout the day.
I see best in the morning and vision gradually deteriorates into the afternoon/evening. Seriously, going on my
5th week (post op) and only now am I comfortable driving at night!

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by AndyWy, Aug 12, 2015
I am 19 days out and my right eye is pretty good.  But my left eye is good in sunlight, and poor in "unnatural" light.  I'm really, really worried about this.  Did anyone experience this, and have it go away over time?

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by monmonmon1, Feb 11, 2016
I've had Lasik surgery 5 years ago. I was a -6.5 in my left eye and a -7 in the right. My right eye has always caused more problems than the left one. anyway, went in for the surgery given that my cornea was thick enough to go ahead with it. Everything was perfect for about 18 months. My vision started going south again and i went to see the same surgeon. He suggested Lasik enhancement which i went ahead with. I was slightly  overcorrected in the right eye (+.75) but in a few weeks time both eyes went back to 20/20 vision. I was very happy with the results and didn't care that i needed to have a second procedure done. Moving on, a year later, my vision again started playing up. Went back to see the surgeon. He tested my eyes. The measurements were now reading -.5 in the left eye and -.75 in the right. He scheduled me in for a PRK this time, starting on the right eye only. The left one was to be next as soon as the right one was anticipated to heal. It's been 2 years since the PRK and i am now having to put up with a monovision situation which i absolutely hate because it gives me headaches and dizziness. This entire time my surgeon called me in for regular checkups. I saw him last time a few days ago and he confirmed that my vision continues to play up. My right eye measured +1.5 while the left one continued to drop to a -1. He scheduled me in for a 4th PRK enhancement and he's planning to do both eyes at the same time. My PRK experience was quite unpleasant. Even 12 months after the procedure i was seeing blurry through my right eye and if i wasn't to be able to use the left one i think i would have lost my job and given up my driver's license. I simply don't know what to do as my surgeon seems to be very busy and is always on a tight schedule when i go to see him. I don't even get to ask him more than 2 questions and he's already touching the door handle giving me the hint that other patients are waiting too :(
I am currently trying to see a different surgeon for a second opinion hoping he will give some peace of mind but it doesn't seem to be as easy as i thought as they apparently don't like to get involved in other surgeons matters and he is still considering if to book me in for an appointment or not. Quite a situation i am dealing with over here.
I mean, how many Lasik's and PRK's and enhancements can you possibly  have? Will this ever end? I was already skeptical after the second one and can't explain what feeling is going through my stomach thinking of the 4th one. I forgot to mention that i am in my early 30's and am terrified of the consequences that these multiple surgeries could have on my vision later on in life but i don't seem to be able to get anyone to sit down with me and explain otherwise.
Good luck to you all!

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by Winikor, Feb 18, 2016
It has now been 8 years since my PRK. Due to the surgery, I suffer from several issues so I need to see my ophthalmologist every 3 months. Having said that, I must admit that my vision has been great for some years now and have not had to tweak it. I think everyone is different but I believe that if you don't get results from one Dr, move on to another which is what I did. 4 doctors later, I'm thrilled with the one that is treating me now. Good luck

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by Winikor, Feb 18, 2016
Post note;  I was overcorrected in left eye. It took over a year to correct itself. I'm glad I didn't go for a correction procedure because it corrected itself as my surgeon said it would.

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by Winikor, Feb 18, 2016
Post note;  I was overcorrected in left eye. It took over a year to correct itself. I'm glad I didn't go for a correction procedure because it corrected itself as my surgeon said it would.

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by ccle, Feb 27, 2016
Hi Winikor,

Thank you for all your posts it has been very helpful to me and other who has gone thru PRK procedures.  If you could please explained what kind of issues you suffer from the surgery that require every 3 months follow up with the doctor?
I had my PRK procedure done in 11/2015 and I am close to a little over 3 months post op.  I was recently tested 20/20 with no astigmatism.  Before surgery I was -0.75 right eye w/-2.50 astigmatism and -1.00 left eye w/-2.00 astigmatism.  I was surprised when I was told at my 3 months visits that I was 20/20 because even my husband who came with me to the appointment said to the optician who tested me that I missed 3 letters in the 20/20 line.  Next week I am scheduled to see a retinal eye doctors because I am now seeing a floater in my left eye and black spots with bright sparkles behind them in my right eyes.  Also I noticed my side views are very blurry. This all happened 2 weeks after my PRK procedures.  I also mentioned to the optician that I am dizzy when things move too fast also if the computer or TV screens moves too fast I get very dizzy.  It's like my eyes and brains are not connecting.  The optician does not think the dizziness is from the eye surgery. Sometimes I feel like I am in a dream when I'm looking around, it's a weird feeling like my eyes are not connecting with the rest of my body.   I also did more research about PRK and wish I did before my surgery that in the future that if you need a cataract surgery you may have a problem with the calculations and the surgeon will need your previous # before your refractive surgery to work around with.  Also after your PRK surgery your glaucoma reading is not accurate anymore.  These things where never mentioned to me prior to surgery.  When I ask the optician who examined pre-op regarding the cataract issues he said'  When you have PRK done, it's like you never had surgery done to your eyes.  Like all the other posts above if we knew, we would stay away.

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by blantonwh, Mar 22, 2016
I am post op 7 weeks exactly and I have had a good prk recovery but something is just not right. I have known since day 3 that my left eye was just not right. I new my vision was early in the recovery and it was the worse of the two eyes. I didn't worry too much since it was within the first month of recovery and I had much more healing to go. I started out at right eye -2.75 with -.75 astigmatism and left eye -4.25 with -.75 astigmatism. Over the first two weeks I saw significant improvement and could see fairly well at the 1 week post op visit (20/20 combined blurry). The next three weeks brought better vision with the blurry days and the rapidly changing vision due to the steroids. I could see perfect out of my right eye from 6 inches from my eye to miles but the left just could not focus from 6 inches on out. I have to force the left eye to focus on words and reading and it takes some effort. I thought it would get better so I gave it time. I had my 1 month visit and I could see well combined (20/20 but left eye blur). I mentioned to the doctor about the left eye and the issues but much was not said and for me to continue to use the preservative free drops. I also thought I was still healing and needed to give it time. So, I left and the next two weeks (5 and 6) were the same with minute changes in vision. It seemed I always woke up with the left eye extremely dry and red. Not hurting but dry. I couldn't read hardly anything with my left eye and it needed constant moisture. I was getting worried so I went and saw another optometrist to verify findings.
The Dr refracted me 37 days after surgery with a prescription of right eye plano with -.50 astigmatism axis 040, left eye plano with -1.00 astigmatism axis 030. It appears that I have residual or induced astigmatism in the left eye which may be causing my issues. So, I was frustrated and accepted what the doctor told and he prescribed glasses. I did not order them because I was giving it more time. However, the week passed and I was upset and wanted to see with crisp clear equal vision so I went back to the same Dr. to see about correcting it with contacts at the 6 week mark. The Dr. tried 3 different toric lenses with none of the 3 allowing the left eye to see the letters on the 20/20 line any clearer. Right could read them clear and crisp. After a few minutes of talking, he suggested maybe a RGP but said I would probably hate the comfort and he also suggested expensive sclerals and would do what it took to fix my issues. I left with no corrected left eye and scheduled an appointment with my surgeon the following day.

I saw the surgeon in Atlanta and his technician refracted me but I was never given the results. I guess I should have asked and I still might request them. He noticed the left eye was seeing as well as it should but he said the cornea looked fantastic but really dry. He suggested trying a punctual plug to see if that would help the dryness. He also gave a few days worth of a new drop for MGD (meimobian gland dysfunction) and to see if that helped. The plug has helped some but not enough to correct the -1.00 astigmatism. At times I fell like, the astigmatism is really bad and the eyes aren't syncing up and then at other times the left eye is focusing and reading small print. So at this point I am continually using PF drops, vitamin c, flax oil, fish oil. The relief comes from the drops and it helps but I believe it is just temporarily filling the imperfect cornea and allowing the left eye to see better.

So now I am awaiting until next week Mar 30 (8 week mark) to see the doctor again about the left eye. I just hope that it continues to get better or my eyes adapt and begin working with each other. If not this is going to be a long road.........

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by RebeccaW62, Apr 20, 2016
I too am recovering from ORK. I'm at the 5 month mark. Currently I'm in contacts -1.25 both eyes. I had ApRK because I was promised by my doctor that I would never need contacts or glasses again. Not true. After my 3rd month, my eye surgeon committed suicide. My new surgeon (same clinic) says I will always need corrective lenses. He won't say way other than he's sorry. Has anyone daughter legal advice or considered a lawsuit?

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by Manowarlord, Apr 30, 2016
Hi, I have my PRK 12 days ago, And I'm so frustrated and depressed, thinking that maybe doctor do something wrong. I had a large myopia on both eyes (3.75 and 5.25), now I can see better from far (very blured but better), near things is all blured, like I'm having a high astigmatism (like +6) I can read between 20/100 and 20/70 for both eyes. Is this normal? (Before surgery I could see from near better than now without glasses) I'm so anxious and sad. I'm working forcing my sight and with my face so close to the monitor (Is it perjudicial for my recovery?). The vision recovery is one day to another?, or it will be better a little bit day by day. Thanks for tyour comments and I hope someone could guide and encourage me sharing your experiences.

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by monferdini, May 02, 2016

I`m from Brazil. Today it has been 5 weeks since I`ve done my prk surgery.

I`m totally disappointed with the surgery and my doctor. I`m not seeing any progress.since my surgery has done.

Every day I wake up looking forward to my eye`s healing but it doesn`t happen.

Every day my vision is double and blurry all day long. Only when I wake up my vision gets better (it lasts only 10 minutes).

I work driving and I need to have good vision. It is bothering me a lot.

I use sun glasses all day long, but it doesn`t work.

I`m thinking about bring legal action against my doctor.

Completely regreted

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by OKWhatever, Jul 09, 2016
Good lord so many horror stories. I had PRK done yesterday at an awesome clinic. I'm basically pain free & a little blurry but I'm staying on my prescription drops and my follow up appointments. What kind of butchers are you people going to? Why aren't you asking questions ahead of time?

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by ljansen70, Sep 20, 2016
I had PRK done on my left eye only because I had Lasik about 2 years ago and I was not seeing distance well with my left eye any longer.  I think my eye sight was 20/40.  The Dr. advised me that correcting it would cause some issues with reading and I would need glasses to read.  I am about 4.5 weeks out and my vision comes and goes, but what has been consistent is that I can't see up close.  And I am not talking about just reading.  I can't see clearly about 3 - 5 feet out.  He said that they told me, but I told him that would it really be that bad?  The stuff on the car dashboard is blurry.  Would I need to wear cheaters when I drive to see that? Something doesn't seem right.  I was ok with some need for glasses while I read, but this seems extreme.  What's worse is that my left eye is my dominant eye so I am constantly feeling strained.  Has anyone had issues with seeing up close that did eventually get better?

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by justmakinit, Feb 28, 2017
I had PRK done on both eyes 5.5 months ago.  Vision was 20/400 in both eyes before.  At 3 week post op I was seeing 20/20 in left eye and 20/15 in right eye.  Suddenly at 2.5 months post op my right eye started to become cloudy.  Went for a check up and one of the doctors in the clinic where I had the surgery said she could see spots that looked like an infection.  She was adamant that it wasn't related to the PRK. So, she put me on antibiotic eye drops and a mild steroid.
Week later, no change.  So then she put me on an antiviral eye cream.  Week later, no change.  Week after that I saw a different doctor in the clinic because it seems she just didn't have a solution at this point.  This doctor said the spots are dry spots so he put me on a super powered steroid.  Again, no change.  He also mentioned that the issue could be that when some scar tissue on my eye that was removed during the PRK it didn't heal properly.  Basically, they have no idea why my vision is blurry in the right eye.  So I've used roughly 6 OTC eye drops, 1 antibiotic drop,1 antiviral cream and 3 different steroid drops and NOTHING has helped. Not even for one second so that made me think it couldn't be dry eyes.  BUT, when they checked my eyes and I could see clearer with a -.50 lens in front of me.  I'm convinced it was not dry eyes or infection at all.  I think my vision has regressed! Just can't understand why I could see perfect for 2.5 months and then it started to go bad.  Now I'm wearing a -.75 contact in my eye and it still isn't completely clear and focused.  I'm 6 months post op at this point.  Left is beyond perfect though so I guess I should feel grateful for that.  I wouldn't have had the PRK if I'd known this would happen.

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by mischik1, Mar 18, 2017
Hi everyone,
I had PRK 15 days ago and counting.

I had LASIK back in the early 2000s and no surgeon would do another LASIK procedure because they didn’t know how deep the old flap was. I had PRK in my left eye about seven years ago with no issues and I was able to see three days after.

This other eye is another story. I only had a -1.25 with slight astigmatism to begin with. I had my surgery because glasses drive me crazy walking in the rain around New York and so on. Now I am worried and regretting it!
I cannot see distance or close up really at all. My optometrist (the surgeon in my case does not do follow-ups, only the optometrist) he has said that the epithelial cells are still bumpy and the cornea is bumpy and it is an “unusually long recovery for in low-grade original problem” which obviously has me concerned.

I had the contact lens bandage out at four days because the surgeons assistant said my eyes had healed fine. So slow healing doesn’t seem to be my issue?

The optometrist seems concerned but the surgeon said to call him if I can’t see at three weeks.
My vision was “worse than 20/50” And the “corneal topography is a mess”. Those are quotes from my optometrist from the day 13 appointment.

All images near and far are very blurry and have two or three versions of them, significant ghosting. When I wake up in the morning I do have pretty bad dry and I’m using ointment at night time as suggested by the optometrist.
Haven’t been able to drive since the start of this (my daughter is not thrilled being picked up by an Uber every day at school) and I’m very concerned that there is something else happening, or they may need to scrape the epithelial cells and start over.

Would appreciate any thoughts.

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by mischik1, Mar 21, 2017
Hi all,
An update.. My vision is apparently 20/25, but I have a surgery induced astigmatism that was -3 just a week ago and is -2 today (it was 0.0 at the time of surgery). The doc thinks it could work its way back to normal on its own as the epithelial layer continues to regenerate (Im on week 3 now), but isn't sure and says we may need another fix. Has anyone had this? No astigmatism until after PRK?

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by Winikor, Mar 22, 2017
I actually had astigmatism before my surgery and they corrected it when I had the PRK. So cannot help you there. Good luck

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by mischik1, May 05, 2017
8 weeks post op... astigmatism has stabilized at -1.00. Remember I had 0 when I began. :( My optometrist believes that it'll remain here at -1 because it's been stable for 3 weeks now. If this continues I'll need to decide if I want to correct it.

Has anyone had surgically induced astigmatism this bad after surgery and recovered without 'another surgery?

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by Emackoul, Jun 01, 2017
Hi there - I know the web is flooded with poor recovery stories so I just wanted to share some encouragement: it does get better. I'll also provide a couple of hacks that helped me get through the first week and month as I wish i was told these tidbits upfront instead of having to discover myself:

1.) Make sure to request the prescription pain pills script as not all doctors administer without asking; advil likely won't cut it the first few days.
2.) Cold weather and ice are your best friend. Try to keep your body away from the heat (including ventilating the bathroom during a steamy shower). A nice treat is to put a few of the preservative free eye drops into the fridge before use.
3.) Invest in dry-ice ice packs. You can't leak dirty water into your eyes but if you keep the ice pack dry wrapped, it provides enormous relief when applied to the brow and forehead.
4.) Don't shy away from a sleeping aid. Sleep is really the only thing that both helps healing and gives you any relief from discomfort the first few days. If you have to pop a pill the first few days, do it.
5.) Drink lots and lots of water. Your tear production is linked to your hydration and lubricated eyes reduce pain.
6.) Clean your house/apartment before the procedure. Anything in the air can cause irritation (note: a cool air-conditioned room can keep your eyes comfortable but make sure to change the AC filter before surgery)
7.) Shower and wash your hair the morning of surgery. You likely won't wash your hair again for many days after (I went to a salon on day 4 because my eyes still weren't good enough to do myself).
8.) Get on Amazon or an off-price site to stock up on the preservative free tears - I was using almost a box a day for the first few weeks! Don't underestimate this additional expense.

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by NanoSpeck, Jun 03, 2017
Hello Winkor(and everyone else who visits forum)

I am a 21 year old male who has been wearing glasses since age 8.  I have been self-conscious of my very bad near sightedness for 13 years.  I am a -6.75 in both eyes and have horizontal astigmatism.  For the first time in my life my prescription hasn't changed one bit though I need new glasses since I scratched the crap out of my current pair.  Plus I need and I checkup anyway to make sure my retina's don't become detached(God Forbid).  I have never worn contacts in my life but will start to wear them as soon as I see eye doctor to get checkup.  I am sure my prescription is going to be exactly the same or 0.05 of a diopter off at the most.  I don't want lasik since it seems like the Fast Food of surgeries.  Ridiculously fast healing time(which is true) gives it mass market appeal.  You can't market PRK because it causes intense pain from days 2-5 from what I have read.  It can also take up to 35 days before you can actually drive and even then I would only drive around a place where you are familiar so you don't need to do much reading while driving.  My old prescription was from August 2012 and my current prescription is from May 2015.  I will be seeing eye doctor later this month for checkup, buy contacts for first time in my life(I am so excited for 20/20 or 20/15(depending on what my Corrected vision will be) Peripheral  Vision.  I know of people who see better with contacts for example 20/20 with glasses and 20/15 with contacts.  I will probably have a better corrected vision with contacts then glasses.  I know the best time to get laser eye surgery(PRK in my case) is when your young so you can have many many years to enjoy a hopefully glasses & contacts free life.  If you get it when your older you are going to need reading glasses in your 40s anyway.  Though your distance vision will be drastically improved.  I would like to get PRK before my 25th birthday(May 2021)  I don't want lasik because I have deemed the reward is not worth the risk.  So for me It would be:
PRK> glasses/contacts >lasik & lasek
Any advice for me it would be greatly appreciated?

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by NanoSpeck, Jun 03, 2017
I forgot to add -1.5 (horizontal)astigmatism in both eyes.  My eyesight is horrible but at least my prescription hasn't changed in 2 years which is the longest ever in my life.

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by NanoSpeck, Jun 09, 2017
Emackoul, When did you get the surgery and was it PRK.  What was your eyesight before surgery vs after vs 6 months after.  Did you have any astigmatism before surgery.  How is your Night vision? Have you experienced any Regression? Thank you for your answer.  I hope people respond to the question I posted on June 3.

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by Bean4444, Jun 13, 2017
12 days post prk. Left lens fell out 4 days ago, yesterday I had the right lens taken out. Today everything is blurry. The opthomologists office isn't communicating very clearly. I woke up with floaters and very worse than usual blurry vision.  Any one experience anything like this? Also the eye of the lens that fell out my local optometrist said my cornea looked inflamed and irritated. Feeling anxious depressed and unheard about my concerns to the surgeons office:(

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by Clemsonrunner, Jul 02, 2017
I am 2 months into PRK on just my left eye.   I did it after LASIK which was great and done 18 years ago.  The PRK so far has been the worst decision I have ever made.  I am 46 years old, could read fine... now vision 1.5 overcorrected and not only is my distance vision bad but my close up vision horrible.  I can't drive or do normal activities.  I don't even run much anymore.  I get dizzy and headaches every day and have anxiety when I know I have to go anywhere with concern if I can see the road.  Super sad.  :(

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by SkyRabbit, Jul 09, 2017
Winikor, thank you for the follow up! I'm 3 months post PRK and am overcorrected +1.00 in one eye. It's driving me a bit crazy but I'll wait it out and hope it settles down on its own. Really appreciate that you came back and let us know the long term outcome.

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by Winikor, Jul 27, 2017
To ccle:  I'm sorry I didn't respond to your question previously. As I said, I don't check this site often.  Due to PRK, I developed extremely dry eyes and my corneas would get scratched during REM. I tried many RX that didn't work until Lotemax ointment began to help. I also developed sclerosis, an autoimmune condition, which was a nightmare but fine now. I had never had any eye issues before PRK except dry eyes and poor vision. I was unable to use Contacts after 15 years because of the dry eyes....they were hurting my eyes.

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by RefractiveRX, Oct 03, 2017
Folks, ANY surgery to the cornea/eye is a INSULT. You are rolling the dice on one of your most valuable senses. I did it and it has been a miserable experience.

After reading all other postings and on many many forums, WHY on earth would you give up simple use of glasses or contacts? You will hear the same story. "I want to see the alarm clock in the morning without my glasses." and so on. Really. If I could only press rewind. The amount of symptoms are so long that it would take me hours to write them here. The BEST refractive surgeon could make a mistake, the procedure itself can cause issues and it does. Also, EVERYONE has different eye and healing times, and symptoms and so on and so on.

Once something goes wrong, you WILL be told to give it time. Time that simply does not go fast enough. Most practices will even end up dismissing you because you want and DESERVE answers. Answers they simply do not have. There is so much complexity to the eye they simply do not know. They will use excuse after excuse to keep stringing you along in misery. I've heard it all. Also, there is no STANDARD level of diagnosis or treatment. Protocols are all over the place which is ONLY one problem with this surgery all together.

When you have refractive surgery, you are creating a "irregular" cornea surface FOREVER. For a large percentage of patients you get a satisfactory outcome. Some, like those here are outliers and something did not go as expected. Do yourself and loved ones a favor, stay with your prescription glasses or contacts and live you life.

Lastly, if like to know more I'm willing to help and educate those who need it. I have had both Lasik and PRK done with both of my eyes. I know enough now how to read cornea topographies and refraction numbers quicker than some of the opticians/doctors. When I walk into office appointments and start to discuss my story and use their "medical" terminology it is crickets and they know I know what this procedure can and will do.

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by BLURRYVISIONPRK, Feb 09, 2018
Age 52, had RK surgery 1996 both eyes. Eyes worked ok after that but always had some vision fluctuations. At age 46 noticed left eye had developed astigmatism and both eyes were now farsighted. May of 2017 I went back to original doctor who did RK surgery in 1996. Dr. recommended PRK surgery on left eye to correct farsighted and astigmatism. My original complaint at this visit was fluctuating vision. Most post RK patients experience diurnal vision fluctuations because of unstable corneas. This was never explained to me at the pre-surgery visit. I have since had my vision refracted in the morning and again in the evening and there is a difference of 1.0 diopter at minimum. Measured at 9am and again at 6pm.
On the morning of surgery 8am, I was refracted and left eye measured +2.00 diopters plus I had an astigmatism of 2.25. My vision fluctuation was never measured or taken into account before surgery. I am now post op PRK left eye and vision is -1.50 with .75 astigmatism. So my distance vision is horrible and I can only see close up with left eye. My vision target was for distance. The doctor continues to lie to me and tells me to wait. My vision has been at this point since 2 weeks after surgery and has not changed.  Remember one thing, you are a guinea pig for testing purposes and for doctors to make lots and lots of money. Most doctors don't give a hoot and are in a big rush to see how many patients they can see in one day. God forbid doctors would actually take time listen to patients, no they don't have time for that! NEVER HAVE THESE TYPES OF ELECTIVE SURGERY IF YOU CAN CORRECT WITH GLASSES OR CONTACTS! NEVER EVER!

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by Jennifeer11, Feb 26, 2018
Hello All
I have read the posts on this gorum for more than 10 times each, cause like most of members on this forum regretted the PRK , and For the 5 th month not much has changed, i am left with blurry distant and close vision
My doctor blames it on RK incitions that i had long time ago.
To make things worse i now suffer with a slight misalignment which is causing me constant vertigo and nausea.
The doctor blames everything on RK, but i have been living with RK eyes for the past 27years with no allignment issues.
I don’t know if my eye can endure more surgeries, and looks like the more you work on your eyes, the worse is the outcome.
I have been preaching and talking against corneal sirgeries ever since my dissapointment with my PRK.
It’s so sad FDA approves this.

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