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Just had my gallbladder removed

May 23, 2009 - 5 comments

gallbladder removed

First and foremost: the pain after the operation is nowhere near as bad as a bad gallbladder attack.

Went in at 5:30am Friday morning for surgery at 7:30am. by 9:30 the operation was over. It took longer because the GB was worse than anyone had anticipated. Although I've had scans before which didn't show any stones, it turns out I had a bunch of stones, plus the organ was inflamed.

The first day was mostly spent in a woozy, groggy world, because I kept being medicated. Still at the hospital for observation. The worst thing was the nausea, which came and went, held down by anti-emetics, though the pain was a times bad, too. (Again, though, not as bad as a gallbladder attack). By 7PM that night I was surprisingly alert. I just wish I'd brought something to read. I didn't expect to be so awake.

The next day, today, was spent mostly waiting for the doc to show up and give me the all clear to go home. Pain's not too bad at all. In fact, less than 2 days after the surgery, I don't really need pain killers anymore. Sure it hurts, but it's an annoying hurt not a panful hurt. Sort of like if I just strained a muscle in my abdomen.

So that's about it. I'm still feeling a bit out of it, so I'm going to sleep. Just thought I'd update.

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620923 tn?1452919248
by selmaS, May 24, 2009 glad to hear u r home and doing so well!!

I pray u continue to recover quickly......


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by GhostOf1901, May 24, 2009
Hey Selma,

Thanks. Actually 2 1/2 days after the operation now I'm feeling great. Only minor aches, really. Again, like muscle soreness. My only concern was a bit of constipation (I know most people complain about diarrhea, but that's never really been my issue), which was easily taken care of by supplementing with Metamucil.

No pain killers. I'm still taking it easy when it comes to food, and plan to do so for a while, but it won't be long before I start experimenting a bit. For all intents and purposes, however, I'm back to eating what I've learned to call "normal". A bit lighter than usual in terms of volume, but it's enough for the level of activity I'm at right now, which is "couch potato with occasional walks" as per doctor's orders.

Shoulder pain is there, though it's intermittent. Comes and goes, particularly when I breathe deep, particularly after I eat. That's hopefully going away soon, though.

620923 tn?1452919248
by selmaS, May 24, 2009
Hi gnorb....the shoulder pai...isit from the anesthesia?

Wow, I hope I have as good a recovery period as u r. And I am so glad that u feel so much better.It is weird that it took so many tests to find it was ur GB.......

I too have IBS issues....and the use of miralax has helped some.....I also have tried metimucil capsules.....I just get bloated.

Were u able to keep ur stones???

I don't know why , but people like to keep stuff like  person was asking to keep the bone fragment that was cut away from her skull.....I believe it is a health glad u r doing so well!!  : )


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by GhostOf1901, May 25, 2009
1) The shoulder pain was from the gas the put in you to puff up the abdomen so that they have enough space to work. While they try to take it all out, some inevitably remains, causing shoulder pain. This subsides over time as the gas is absorbed into the intestines and eventually passes.

2) Actually, it didn't take so many tests to find out it was my GB. In fact, the second test I had, the HIDA/CCK, showed there was a problem with my GB. A later ultrasound confirmed the presence of stones, even though the first showed none. It wasn't until the removal that it was discovered that I had MANY stones. (Doc said that from a scale of 1 to 10, my GB was at a 7: not the worst he had seen, but bad.) No word yet on whether this also caused the gastroparesis-like symptoms, including the delayed gastric emptying or the heartburn. One thing's for sure, though: heartburn's been non-existent since the operation.

3) Wasn't able to keep the stones. Apparently, they don't allow that anymore. (Like you said, health violation.) Frankly, I thought it might be kind of cool, and a sobering reminder to keep my diet healthy.

4) Dunno about the IBS issues quite yet. I think things are still settling down, so my insides will be a bit weird for a little while. In the meantime, fiber supplementation and probiotics to get things back on track.

620923 tn?1452919248
by selmaS, May 25, 2009
gnorb...thanks for the update...I really am amazed at how well u understand all this and aare able to keep ur prospective on it all.

I was under the impression it took longer to get a dx...but so glad to hear ur drs were on top of it for u. is funny how they used to give u the stones and what ever, but now find it a health issue.

I pray ur IBS issues r gone with the heartburn.


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