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Waiting, waiting on AF

Oct 22, 2013 - 0 comments

If I ovulated anywhere from Oct 17-19, then the latest I would get AF should be the 26th, which is Saturday. My luteal phase has ALWAYS been short. I thought I ovulated about Oct 10, but judging by my cervix, it could have been a "false" ovulation (LOL) since it felt soft and open, especially on Oct 20! (It felt highest on the 20th, which I could have O-ed then too I guess.)
I hate waiting!!
This is the longest I have had to wait since having the twins (after AF started back up). There was a time I thought I might have been preg, but my cycle ended up being 25 days, that time. Usually it's between 21-25 days, but more on the shorter side. Today is TWENTY-EIGHT! Geez! I'm only 4DPO according to the chart, so I have few days before 6 or 7 days, when I would expect AF to come after O-ing.
I am debating on whether or not to tell my husband. Why have him worry if it's nothing? He has a vasectomy consult tomorrow morning.

Today has been a crazy day. I am ready to get some sleep!

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