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"the BEETLES" lol!

Apr 19, 2008 - 2 comments

i dont know about anyone else but im all pumped up for "THE BEETLES" coming to WonderPets! haha this is the greatest thing ever to happen to cartoons! My oldest daughter Taylar and I are big big big Beatles fans, in fact, she cried the day I told her they were no longer together. (she had been asking if we could go "see them live" haha) she gets worked up about things like that, she couldnt understand why they had a falling out. so anyway for them to put "beetles" on a cartoon- and it actually sounds like them too- is a pretty cool thing to do for a 4 yr. old Beatles fan!

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by natemomma27, Apr 19, 2008
my oldest is looking forward to it too. he keeps sining the yellow submarine song each time the commercial comes on!!!

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by luv2bmommy, Apr 19, 2008
haha awww how cute! my daughters favorite is "Ob la di Ob la Da!" and "here comes the sun" some of my fav's too! lol our kids have good taste in music!

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