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Working my way off Lyrica

May 24, 2009 - 4 comments





nerve pain

and paying the price. the nerve pain in my hands is awful but i think the feeling is starting to come back. Down to 75 mg Lyrica and about to go to 50 mid week. My head feels clearer though.

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by trish699, May 30, 2010
Hello. I hope you are still checking this site. I am trying to gear down from 50mg to 38 mg of Lyrica,50 alternate days and 25 the other day. After 4 or five days, my regular burning, stabbing pelvic pain returned, PLUS stabbing nerve pain in my left hand and wrist pain in my right hand. Help! I was so glad to read you post. Drs don't tell you anything.Did the hand pain go away?
I had little trouble dropping from 75 to 50mg, just an increase in pelvic pain.(pain which I originally was trying to address). I'm feeling frantic.

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by Khiba, May 31, 2010
It takes a while for the pain to abate. I think our nerves get used to being dulled, or our brain from processing the pain. Once I got off, after a few days, it all settled to a dull roar, and I wasn't quite as frantic anymore. I do find if I get really stressed, the pain fires up again. I can take a lyrica or gabapentin once in a while to settle it again. But remember everyone is different and reacts individually to medication and getting off medication.

Now I find that Elavil (5mg, teeny dose) at night really helps calm the pain so I can sleep and a combo of valium (5 mg) with baclofen (5 mg) holds me through the day. Usually. Hot weather fires it up again, and also when I get stressed.

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by juliva, Jun 04, 2010
Gosh, I've been placed on Lyrica now for about a month only 50 mgs a day. I'm hoping to go off soon.. sounds like I should back off slow?

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by Khiba, Jun 04, 2010
If Lyrica is working for you, stay on it! It was not great for me so I weaned off. Everyone reacts differently to each drug. What is a magic bullet for one might be horrible for another. Thats why there are so many drugs, I think. One size doesn't fit all. :)

But if you wean, do it slowly...

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