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Cycle Day 31

Oct 25, 2013 - 0 comments

My cycle has not been this long since having the twins in January. I really do not know what to think of it.

I am on day THIRTY-ONE. Last time I thought I might be pregnant because I was on day 24/25 and hadn't gotten my AF. It came on day 26, which turned into day 1 of the next cycle. At least then I had some "spotting"!!
I have nothing this time around. My cervix feels closed. Sometimes it feels kind of high, sometimes not. Sometimes it feels firm, sometimes not. I think it's playing games with me!!
On day 29 I had a blob of CM that was sticky and creamy. Today I am still having cm that is kind of sticky. I have been crampy, not bad, but an achiness, for the past few days. I am hoping it's a pending AF. Last night I started to get a headache. It almost felt like it was in the middle of my forehead, like I had been squinting for an hour. I have gotten it today too. I wasn't feeling right this morning.
My cycles have been right on for months, except in July, when my period came a week EARLY, not late. My cycles are irregular but they are usually 21-25 days, predictable.

My luteal phase is estimated at 6 days maximum. I am 6DPO today, (based on when I THINK I may have ovulated, just a guess). I told my husband if I didn't get my AF by Saturday or Sunday that I should take a test.

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