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what recourse

Be aware when your crowns are hurting and it is affecting your gums.

Get this.  The original dentist still wants a balance that I owe him for doing substandard work and putting inferior crowns on my teeth and me having to go to someone else to find out what the problem was.

$3400 dollars of work done because of the original dentist's mistake and he wants his balance!   I told him if I have to pay him, he'll get a $1.00 a month and I'm going to pay him just like he worked on my teeth.  

I did  send him a $1.00,  he turned me over to collections, so I got legal advice. I was asked, "Why would you pay a dentist the rest of the money you owe him, yet had to go to another dentist to find out what your problem was and had to pay another dentist to fix the situation and all the pain and suffering you went through and are still in remission from the hyper occlusion?"  After that remark, I didn't send him anything.

The legal advisor stated to me, you should be asking for your money back to put towards the new crowns and the work that has to be completed by the new dentist.

Yes I should but where are you going to find that kind of help?   The Better Business Bureau told me to write my State Dental Board.  The State Dental Board told me to write my County Dental Society. The Stark County Dental Society told me that there isn't anything they can do because I already notified the Ohio State Dental Board who has no recouse with money situations between patients and dentist.

?   hmmmmmmmmm  does that leave Small Claims Court?   Yes, but guess what?

I was told I cannot hire my own expert to testify that I have to have an attorney.  

Do we have a State Dental Board that cares about patients or a dental society that cares about patients?  I don't think so..........They care about the dentist not having been found guilty for anything after the facts are right there in black and white and color also.

I was going to write the Ohio Attorney General, but guess what; their website states to write The State Dental Board.  

It is all a joke that is all it is.  I have had the most educational experience in my life regarding a fluke in our Dental Board System.  

It is outrageously funny that someone can do this to a patient and get away with it.

It isn't too funny when you are in pain and don't know what the hell is wrong and a dentist keeps telling you there isn't anything wrong and keeps trying to find excuses making it look like it is the patient's fault.  

I had them actually argue with me and tell me that there wasn't anything wrong and that I had injured it.  How could I injure it?   They told me I was grinding. The next thing they told me was my nerve was dying that's all.

I kept telling him it was too high, bulky and my crown was moving.

It got so bad I ended up with two root canals. Which he told me in December I didn't need a root canal. I had to call them to get a referal he did not refer me on his own.
They also told me it was the way I was brushing my teeth.  I told the original dentist, if it is the way I am brushing my teeth, why doesn't my other gums bother me, the only gums that bother me are the ones you put the crowns on?

The Prosthodontist is a specialist and stated he would be able to tell if I was a grinder, he told me I was not a grinder.   So there goes that theory of the original dentist.

It is called Hyper occlusion from too high of crowns is what he problem was.  It has almost been a year and I am still in remission due to the damage it caused to my gums and tissue underneath.

When the endodontist took the crown off to do my root canal, it was bleeding underneath my crown. He stated, "I cannot believe you were able to leave this crown on for this long."

I said, I know, I was in pain.  The original dentist told me the only reason I wanted a new crown put on was because of the way it looked.  I told the original dentist, no it is because it is causing me pain not because of the way it looks.  I said I could care a less about the way it looks, it is the pain it is causing.   He denies any wrong doing and should have just called me a liar for stating I was in pain.  

I'm glad I found this site and found out what a Prosthodontist was.  They have a general dentist also where I am going now and he has done some work on the crown.

Waiting for gums and tissue to heal but will have the new crown seated again if it doesn't hurt this time.  Teeth are mobile as I can feel them move.  They are trying to go back into place where they once were.

I have been told that teeth will move back with time but it does take time.

It has been one hell of an experience and I hope I never have to experience it again in my life.  Maybe next time I won't be so stupid when something hurts and wait so long to get it taken off, believing someone you thought you could trust, only to be called a liar.

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