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The "Rocky Road " of a kidney stone novice

May 24, 2009 - 2 comments










This is a new "path" for me.As you can read in my last blogs I was left wondering if I was going to die from a brain tumor, had another T.I.A. or as it always seemed to end up,me stuck in a office across from a  guy who is more concerned about his golf get away, and his missed cell phone calls then my mental "well being" , did I mention he was also twenty minutes late to "our" consultation .twenty minutes later I walked out of his swank offices with a hell of a headache, another script for a another anti-depressant that I knew I wouldn't be taking, and a sick feeling in my gut because I knew after waiting six months to get in to see this A--you know, I was better off with my reg.M.D. and psychologist all along.Now looking back, no one really put two and two together,the first test that showed a problem over two YEARS ago was shrugged off and instead I was told I was being "emotional" SO I didn't know a reg. M.D could find that out through a 24 hour urine catch but he seemed to think so, that was the end my visits to him..flash forward two years and countless bladder infections a new Urologist and new M.D., when I went to see my Urologist for what I knew was another really bad bladder infection, little did I know that I was going to start down that "Rocky Road" of kidney stones and damage. That "bad" bladder infection was not a bladder infection at all.It was a kidney infection that was septic and was in my blood, they took me from the office into the E.R and islotation for three days.During my stay, they did a C.T scan,where after years of the Chills,cold hands and feet,night time hiccups,low grade fever, to low base fever, hair loss, itchyness all over,contant bladder infections kidney infections,  swelling of my face and feet, headaches, ect..and it turns out that my left kidney was filled with stones.THANK GOD !!! Finally I found out what has been going on BUT!!! now I had to find out how this "issue" was going to be  taken care of, OUCHHH, your gonna put a laser beam up my tat tat, then up my kidney's pole then blast four stones the biggest of which is 9mm , than leave a stent in for two weeks after the surgery and then all of the bits of the stones will be expelled through my urine 8o]] .And that's if everything goes as planned,and we ALL know that we trust   what our doctor's say , like when they say it will only hurt for a day or two, yeahhhhh right,SOOO when I ended back in the hospital four days after I had the stent removed, ( kids, remember to ask for a valium or two prior to your doctors visit because you will in all likelyhood will NOT be put under for the removal of your stent!! )   #+O... I was  in hospital for two days again mophine pump, I.V. liquids, "they" reinserted a new stent!! This time I was awake for the whole procedure, It wasn't too bad, and I really mean it, some cramping but not as bad as the removal, so a week into the second stent, back to the E.R. now I'm so backed up from all the pain killers I'm vomiting from THAT!!! We sat in the waiting room for FOUR hours!! and another three getting a x-ray, urine sample , blood draw and two take home enema!!! I'll keep this short and sweet, let's just say, it took four of those bad boys to get "THINGS" right again, enough said about that...8>/ so now my urologist is going to take out my stent,right,,,WRONG!!! I told her that I did not want it out (CRAZY I KNOW) until I had another C.T. scan to make sure that everything the doctors assured my would happen did, you know, all the blasted bits and smaller stones flushed out though now both of the stents, and my kidney would be clear as a bell,yeppy!!! right WRONG!!! it has been six weeks since I have been able to sit in a chair, for more than twenty minutes,without pain,peeing without pain,poohing without pain,I can;t even walk for and amount of time, so when the doctor called and told me that we are going to have to do this again and this time it's going to be more aggressive, I broke down in tears!! and laughed at the same time,because what I haven't let you all in on is that not only did I not move ANY of the original stone fragments, but I've since grown more stones.Oh and one more thing, my urologist did'nt tell me but at my reg. M.D.'s visit she told me that not only did I have many more stones in the left kidney than my urologist told me about and BIGGER, but after we figure out how well my left kidney will work after all of this,but then I get to look forward to doing it ALL OVER AGIAN!!! because they found more huge stones in my RIGHT kidney also!!! I will continue down this "Rocky Road" and  will keep you all informed along the way,cause here we go again,

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by Jasminesemail, Sep 14, 2010
No update -- I hope that means that Rocky Road is doing great!

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by puddles66, Sep 17, 2010
sorry, yes it has been a rocky road but for different reasons. my kidneys seem to have settled down although I still have two stones that continue to need to be watched. I had a stroke in Feb. so I am still trying to overcome the obstacles set forth by that. I'm learning that there are things like driving at night that I might never be able to do again but I have a new found respect for myself and the things that I figured I'd never be able to regain or master again in my life and have!!!So now I'm not so apprehensive about what's around that corner and down the road for me from now on...

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