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Large Lump on Thigh - Painful, PLEASE HELP

Apr 20, 2008 - 0 comments

please help




lump on thigh



I have a large lump (bigger than a golf ball) on the outside of my right thigh. It appeared out of no where and has been here for over a month now. It is VERY painful, but not discolored at all. However, the veins behind that knee are all of a sudden getting really dark.The lump is hard to the touch. I also have a small lump in my right buttocks. It has been there for about 2 months, this one is smaller than the one on my thing and not painful, but my doctor has referred me to see a surgeon about the lumps. but it is going to be about another month before I even meet with the surgeon. I am VERY worried... The lumps have not changed at all and the pain is getting worse. Anyone know what this could possibly be, I'm freaking out here!!! Please - any suggestions or insight would be GREATLY appreciated!!

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