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Miscarried @ 7 weeks

May 26, 2009 - 7 comments

Went to my OB and confirmed I did miscarry over the weekend.  She said we can TTC in 2 cycles, which we will do.
The hardest part will be telling our 9 year old daughter this weekend, when my DH gets home.

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254689 tn?1251180040
by 40smama, May 26, 2009
Barb - I'm so sorry about your m/c - I've been through it twice and it's just plain miserable.  I will keep you in my prayers that in no time, you'll be pregnant & showing a big belly - btw, some doctors are now saying that you don't have to wait any cycles in order to start trying.  It's worth asking anyway - best of luck to you & again, my condolences - jen

903660 tn?1252977130
by BarbOver40, May 26, 2009
Thank you.  Sorry you've gone through it twice.  I hope and pray this will be the first and last.
I wander if she wants me to wait 2 cycles because she said I will bleed for about 5-7 more days.  They will not do a D&C. Thank God.

254689 tn?1251180040
by 40smama, May 27, 2009
Barb - how are you doing?  To be honest, I really would question waiting two cycles.  Not to be a rebel but I know most doctors would say waiting two cycles (or three) helps date a new pregnancy but hey - that's what early u/s's are for, right?  I'm glad you don't have to go through a D&C - are you on some kind of meds?

I'm sorry you're having to go through all of this -hang in there, friend! - jen

436471 tn?1244569914
by MPA, May 31, 2009
Oh Barb, so sorry to hear of your loss. I am going thru the same thing and you are in my thoughts and prayers. Good for you that you are trying again! I am also not giving up. Take care if yourself honey.

900952 tn?1262692177
by macleiory, May 31, 2009
Barb and MPA, I empathise with you both, I was there twice.  It's devastating I know.  My husband and I didn't wait.  Basically I had a period about 2 weeks after the miscarriage and then fell pregnant straight away so was pregnant again within 4 weeks.  I think the waiting helps the emotions settle but your body will do it's own thing no matter what doctor's say.  I must admit I grieved for a very long time after the second one.  My thoughts are will you both.  Let us know how you are over the coming months and I hope we hear + news VERY soon.  xxOOxx

903660 tn?1252977130
by BarbOver40, Jun 01, 2009
Thank you!  Yes, it is devastating but I know it's for the best...only God is in control and He knows best!
I think, emotionally, I'm fine and ready.  Not knowing when AF is coming is hard for me because I have tracked my periods for YEARS and am very regular.  Although, my PMS is usually a good indicator, but with this miscarriage, that might effect that, who knows!

Thanks again,

903660 tn?1252977130
by BarbOver40, Jun 01, 2009
Thank you for your thoughts and prayers...back atcha! :)
Sorry you've gone through it too.  How are you doing?

Take care and have a great week!


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