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Leaving Medhelp

Apr 21, 2008 - 4 comments

Dear Friends,

I have very much enjoyed my time on Medhelp and have learned from you even while hosting our Ask-A-Doctor forum for Diabetes. Sadly I am leaving the Medhelp community as my own practice has become busier and time constraints have proved quite challenging. So from April 7th 2008 I will be officially away from Medhelp, but you can still find me at our practice website www.endocrinehelp.com, so please drop me a  line if you wish. All the best to you and blessings for the future,

Anita Ramsetty,MD

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by Claudine5279, Jun 04, 2008
I am a Medical Assistant student, who will eventaully become a nurse someday I  am very interested in staying in the medical field...  I am very curious as to a case we are working on in class... If a diabetic pt. has a broken ankle and needs surgery but blisters have occured on the foot should the orthopedic surgeon continue with fixing the bone or should he /she consult with an Endocrine specialist or Vascular specialist....

Please Advise,

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by pdr7686, Nov 05, 2008
I have been a Diabetic since '96. My meds I take are Glucophage and 2 different insulins. I also take medications for Depression, Bi-Polar, etc... In 2004 I was diagnosed with Hepatitis C due to a blood transfusion in 1979. I have developed problems where my legs cramp up, burn, and hurt so bad I can not walk without assistance sometimes. My hands are also like this. All my PCP wants to do is prescribe pain meds which do not help. I am just wondering out if your business schedule if you could help me. Thank you for your expertise and your time.

Please Advise,

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by Anita Ramsetty, MDBlank, Nov 05, 2008
Hello Pam,

Thank you for writing in. I am afraid I am quite limited in what I can do through this forum for your specific situation. It does sound as though you will benefit from a specialists' opinion though--perhaps you can request a referral from your PCP to an Endocrinologist within your community?
I am sorry I could not be of more specific assistance, all the best to you,.
Anita Ramsetty

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by pdr7686, Nov 05, 2008
Hello Dr. Ramsetty,

Thank you for writing me back and for your opinion on what you think I should do. My thinking is I probably have Neuropathy. I know in your legal capacity you can only advise me to see an Endocrinologist.
Pam Reavis

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