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Oct 28, 2013 - 1 comments

My BBT was 96.68 this morning, about 6:20-6:30. I wasn't supposed to take it until 6:50, but I woke up. Anyway, I took it again at 9:25 and it was 97.59.
I don't know if my temp was right.
I still have nothing. My cervix felt high and soft this morning. Things seemed more creamy. Cervix felt closed.
I know for the past week it seems like my cervix is high in the morning and lower in the evenings.
This cycle has just confused me. I keep wanting to think that maybe I mixed up my AF, like instead of 9/25 maybe it was 10/2, but my cycles haven't been that long!! And even then, I would still be "late". I thought I ovulated around 10/10-10/13ish but my cervix felt open for a few days 10/17-10/19 definitely and high on 10/20.

I took a HPT 10/21 and 10/26 and both came out negative. The test from 10/26 was BLUE dye because my husband bought it and he can't ever remember things I tell him. I am testing tomorrow10/29, when I "think" I will be 10dpo. My husband goes for his vasectomy about 11am. Tomorrow is going to be crazy!!

My cervix doesn't feel like AF will be coming today. Maybe I haven't ovulated at ALL. Don't know how long I'm going to wait to see the doctor if I get negatives and it doesn't come.

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by Shannon79, Oct 30, 2013
It makes sense that your body temp was higher at 9:25 because you've been up for a couple hours and moving around. When I was charting, it wasn't always at the same time. But it was always right when I woke up. So it's not what time that matters, but doing it right when you wake up that matters.

As far as cervix goes, unfortunately I can't help you there because I never understood how to do that or how it works.

However I will say that 10dpo is still very early, so don't count yourself out just yet.

If you haven't seen AF in a few more days, I would test again using a free. Good luck!

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