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Hi again

Apr 21, 2008 - 1 comments

I am still new at this site, so bear with me while I get used to where to write what.....  Had another scare at the end of last week.  I seem to be a magnet to any flu or virus with my weakened immune me a great excuse to sleep a little longer in the morning (glad I've been on 2nd shift since 1993).

Last Thursday evening I spiked a fever...I felt it...quick it hit me BAMMM!   Went to Medical Dept, they know my history, sent me home.  Fever and BAD diarrhea.  In bed from 7:30 Thursday night, until 6 AM Saturday when my fever finally broke.  Up every 1/2 hour to stagger to the bathroom.  Delirious.
Lost almost 9# in 6 days.  Still feel headachy.  very dehydrated.  Doctor put me out until next Monday.  I am so slow to bounce back from anything these days, I was actually glad for the extra few days to get myself back together.....  I am learning what compromised immune system is all about, that's for sure!  

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by Kande, Apr 21, 2008
Hi Patsyanne, I'm sorry you have been feeling so bad :(  This has been a bad year for everyone, and you are right about the compromised immune system...not fun. Watch that dehydration, that may be part of the reason you feel delirious at times. Have you had your ammonia levels checked lately? That may be another reason you are tired as well as the illness. I am concerned about the weight loss also. Geez young lady, we are just going to have to watch you. Make sure you keep us informed about your condition, o.k. sweetheart. We all love you! Visit us in the Transplant Community too sweetie, that way everyone can chat with you, and give you suggestions. :o) Much love ~Kande

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