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the levals are on the rise

May 27, 2009 - 2 comments












well the my hcg went from 508 to 2000 thats a good increase but now that im pragnante i will have to put up with a lot of critisium your 7nth baby whats wrong with you,your a bad mom who would do that,but you know what things happen my boyfriend and i use condoms but ONE time on the couch so if i got pragnante from that one time its ment to be i mean what does every one want me to abort it witch i will not do im just so stressed out and im only 4 weeks my mom passed away last august she was my best friend so i lost one of my only support systems so i came on here looking for nice people to connect with when im scared and unshure but i think thay see 7 kids and are like this lady is nuts lol maby i am but if thay new my story thay would be more understanding i dont know just venting and happy that everything is all right i hope i have a boy lol but i got a 1 in 5 chance of that so probably another girl lol

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by scorpiogirl32, Nov 11, 2009
i sit here 29 weeks pragnante with twins looking back at this entry and its crazy that this is all going to be over soon who would have thought twins  

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by smjmekg, Nov 11, 2009
I hope you stopped listening to people's negative comments. Don't know if you know who the Duggars are but I believe they are on baby number 19 now. Have as many kids as you want. If you believe in God, which I do, he doesn't put us through anything we can't handle, and he'll give you however many kids you're supposed to have.

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