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boo clips

Oct 29, 2013 - 2 comments

i am starving.  i started a new diet five days ago.  i think i told u.  i probably don't need to its just i cant stand not being on a diet every so often and.  yes i am obsessed.  this, and the concomitant running out of coffee, might have contributed to my heinous migraine the past two days.  not sure.  it could be unrelated.

as a result of said mig, i have been draggin my azz.  yes the fine one.  lol ummmmm oh gah check it like La Chula told me she hates 'lol'.  she is so text unfriendly cuz she have flip fone.  yes i said flip fone.  she doesn't use air conditioning either.  a huh.  she likes it though when i have it on she is way into it.  hehe.   umm anyway she told me like 'when u put lol it never seems like an lol and i don't know if im supposed to laugh out loud or --"  i am like Chula i wont use it no more with u.  i mean, this is freedom of text but its for La Chula.

so i was saying cuz of the mig i still should not really look at the computer screen its freakin with me but i really really want to write.  did you notice i did not post j last nite!  yes!  dog!  omg my right ear hurts so much.  maybe i can take a ton of ibu cuz i have taken enuf imitrex to kill a cow

i missed work yesterday, perhaps i said that and i went today.  this morning was hellish.  i still had a major part of the mig when i got up.  i slept ok.  i slept WITHOUT nothing!  yes i sed Without Nothing!!!!  no bennie, no alteril.  wow!  Meegy you rock!  but i will continue to take something cuz why?  bc i love putting pills in my mouth that's why.  omg!  i meant like, non addictive stuff  ooh.  can i say that?

i am having a lot of myofacial pain.  but its all good nothing like Sunday night  ooh law

this morning i did not have coffee cuz could not get to market with my head.  and i was feenin big time.  it was a sad sad sorry morning for Meegy.  I made strong tea but it was no comparison.  i was hating life big time.

i got coffee from Subway when i got to work.  and i was SO into it!  coffee from SUBWAY!  horrible coffee. i loved it.  god it tasted good.  and it fix my headache a little cuz mig can be triggered by too much or too little caffeine

tha telephone is mt

i have been finding the NA fone call thingy weirder and weirder.  not good for someone with social issues and Low Self Esteem. b ut i have not given up.  just bc you in the middle of a convo with someone ... a chick! ... and they never text back ... hey man that's ok.  its not like im from the Midwest and have actual manners or nothing

no sireee bob

my teeth hurt a lot too

lakes!  with tha clips!  supposedly the clips have like a new look. .. i don't care about the daim clips.  so what.  look all you want clips!!!!!  ha ha

its at seven thirty

so.  speaking of lakes, i miss S an awful lot.  i sure dk why

well, Will text me yesterday or the day before??? cant recall.  i had to shove him off cuz i was so sick i could not really speak.  and so i think he got iced.  well then i text him today LIKE I SAID i wood but he aint belee me ... hey Meegy a chick of her word.  word!!!!!  better recognize!  right S?  ohhhh baby

and so i text him 'hey dog'  i dint say dog ... hey like here is the days i avelly ... he had ax me tomorry but i forgot i have to meet with the dang law dog.  and so i say Friday?

he say no he got to work Friday. but Satty night or Sunday.  like i hate sundays.  but Satty nite?  that's THE date night.  i m not ready!  im not ready!  i don't want to do that. i don't want to eat with him.  i don't want to go to restaurant with him.  just coffee or what not and i hate movie theaters i know.  i know im super weird.  i love movies but not in theater its too loud and its dark it scares me  its like a tomb would be no?


so like ... i am like lets do it Meegy just go for it Satty nite ... whatever

and i was in the market to get coffee?  yeah. a nd so like among Ginsburg's fruit i just ... i just freaked the fuh out and i got this seizing panic in my mouth my lips and my fingers like " i want the AC!  i want S!  i cant do this!  im not ready!!!'  and i just typed the text and hit send like You are Going to Heels Meegy.  You Are Going to Dating Heels Meegy

i mean medhelp!  listen!  i aint dated no men that i don't really know.  i knows alllls the past men from right here!  medhelp!  and i know ... wait can i say that?  sorry.  not that many from mh ... a couple ... ok a few .. .oh forget it!  not dated but knew!  not in that sense!  leave me alone! lol  haaaaaaha

plus i knew the other men from NA

idk know Will from Adam!  

ohmigod he could be a CEREAL KILLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i want S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  he's someone i can relate to!  he' s a guy!  

this guy is like ... idk ... scary!  older!   big!!!  he has HUGE Gigantic muscles!

omg im going to die

ok Meegy breathe.  you will be in a Public Place.

right.  ok ... omg ok ... im ok

my god ... what have i done?  letting the days go by ...

im ok

im realy fine

he seems nice.

oh jeez

he is not like, hip. so far he seems very proper.  proper scares me.

don't be being proper around me!!!!  god!

one date.  its just One Date.

at work, i had to give the Orientation bc Chula is too shy and L don't think he will do a good job.  whatever

i was talking to Aziz, he tell me "your hair looks very beautiful.'  ohhhhhhhhhhh medhelp!  oh Aziz with his big brown eyes!  he is a slender, smaller guy i feels Comfortable around him.  he's funny!  he's just .. coolio!  idk

im scared.

anyways ... there is something about Middle Eastern guys that i find very attractive.  i would prolly hate being in a R with them.  i mean.  maybe with the right individual.  there is like a warmth about these guys but like ,  strength like they are kind of bossy and in certain contexts that is like ... so cool omg way cool

settle down, Meegy


Will is not Middle Eastern.  decidedly not.


well, ima  take a break from this screen its miggy me out

La Chula got me and her flashlights.  yeah.  go figure!  she said she was thinking of earthquake prevention.

gotta love her

cu laters!

hey lakers!  clips!  seven thirty!  i think



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by smartsick, Oct 29, 2013
I'm witcha about the lack of coffee and's 4 real!....Eat healthy and cheers!..........marc

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by meegWpaw, Oct 29, 2013
ty marc .... xo

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