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yay me

May 29, 2009 - 3 comments

i have made it through the day and damn if it hasn't been a long one. this morning i was ok..but as the day went on i felt every muscle in my body start to ache, i craved an oxy so bad but i give my mom all my money and told her to not let me out of the house today or tomorrow. i did take a half of a perk 5 to ease some pain around midnight, but atleast it wasn't an oxy. my poor husband had to go to work today detoxing. i can't see how he does it, he has more will power than me. kudos for him!! hopefully tomorrow will be better, but ive heard people say the worst days are day 3, 4 and 5. plz god let me have the will power to be okay, for myself and a new life i may have after this.

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by boldsojah4christ, May 29, 2009
2day starts a new life 4u!!!! All you have 2do is claim it in jesus name!! Read ur bible for comfort & support that is how God will communicate with you sis! He also knows ur heart & he hears ur cry! And he also gives us freewill im sure you will do the right thing God bless shannon:

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by painmedsmybiggestmistake, May 30, 2009
Hey just keep looking up, you know what I have been thinking about all this...It's worth a week of hell for the restor you're life. You know what I heard works good for restless legs is a heating pad behind both your calfs..try it, it might help. Anyway I really hope you guys have a good night and remember..STAY POSITIVE and try and keep busy.ttyl Pete

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by melissanc, Jun 03, 2009
My husband and I were the same way.  I use to feel sorry for him for having to work and withdrawl.  I dont know what was worse staying home with the kids or going to work.  Just take a day at a time. Just knowing my children were going to have better parents off of drugs made it a lot easier and made us stronger.  Just think about your kids, It will help you get through the hard times.  mellissa

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