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hair loss

May 26, 2009 - 2 comments

had to cut my hair it was coming out pretty bad.....

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by jthomas158, Jun 11, 2009
Stella, I am going to post some pictures under my profile which show me before, with no hair, with a wig, and now.  I feel for you, I know exactly what you're going through right now.  Email or post me or whatever we're supposed to do on this site if you feel like sharing.

Hugs to you!


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by lhughes, Jun 12, 2009
I ended up shaving my head clean as a whistle.  I wore a hat on cold days and went hatless and totally bald for the better part of a year.  You get used to it in some ways.  And I had the 3 good things about being bald:

1)  NEVER a bad hair day
2)  Don't have to spend money on product to get your hair to look good
3)  You can sleep the extra 20 minutes it took to fix your hair

Some of the scarves and hats are down right cute.  Find a style that looks good on you.  Good luck with your treatments, I hope it all goes well and your hair returns prettier than ever.  

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