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May 29, 2009 - 0 comments

Here's a history of my limboland, which you'll find in bits and pieces throughout.  Grandfather with MS.  Born and raised and lifelong inhabitant of the midwest.  I am a 37 year old female who is slightly overweight but otherwise very active.  Hypothyroid since birth and then recently diagnosed last year after my TSH went haywire of hashimoto hyperthyroid.  My dose has since been adjusted and I've been fine.  Never had any sx.  Also some generalized anxiety disorder that is managed on meds and I am now going to be seeing a counselor.  

Last July, on a very warm (mid 80's) day I had ran 20 minutes on my lunch break, which I do 2-3 times/week.  It was a fairly strenuous run but nothing over the top.  After cooled down and cleaned up, I noticed a flickering light in my left eye, lower left vision field.  Persisted for about 20 minutes.  A few minutes after that started my whole left hand became numb like I had been injected with novacaine.  That also lasted about 20 minutes.  Never thought much about it again.  I called my FP the next day, he said it could have been an exercise induced migraine, although I don't recall a headache.  Since then periodically I do notice the flickering, but not necessarily with exercise.

Fast forward to the coldest day this January.  I had been doing some gentle yoga, noticed the eye flickering again (always in the same spot).  Lasted only a few minutes.  Finished, cleaned up, went about my day.  While driving, my lower lip felt funny on the left side and immediately it spread to both lips and perhaps tongue, started then in my left thumb and immediately went to all fingers up to my wrist, felt exactly the same like I had had novacaine in both areas.  Lasted 20-30 minutes but the whole rest of the day my lips and hand felt weird, left hand was cold to touch, noticeably.  As I look back I had noticed that for about 6 weeks my left pinky and 4th finger were frequently getting tingly, sometimes several times a day.  Possibly but not significantly noted to be with certain positions.  And not like falling asleep but tingly.  Mid February that just seemed to disappear. I went to FP #2, the first had retired.:(.  My neuro exam was normal and what seemed thorough except hypersensitive with diabetes poker in the same area of my left hand.  She ordered a brain MRI, MRA.  The results indicated 7-8 lesions in periventricular white matter and subcortical u-fibers.  2-4 mm in size.  Normal MRA.  I wasn't comfortable with that and asked to be referred to a neurologist.  They got me in the next week, suprisingly, but even though the appt was made for abnormal MRI, the radiologist never got the MRI for another couple of days.  She said based on the report and her negative exam she said it could be MS.  Also ordered EMG of left hand (normal) and neuroopthamology eval (normal).  After all that was done, and I hadn't had anymore episodes like that, Neuro #1 was leaving and referred me to MS Specialist Neuro in 6 months.  She stated the first MRI although done on 3T scanner was done more with a stroke protocol, and she would like future MRI's to be ordered by MS Neuro.  She said make an appt in September, but if anything else changes call sooner.  She also referred me to psychologist that specializes in anxiety and anxiety related to medical conditions.  

Since then I've been keeping track of anything weird that is going on.  I do have periodic episodes of extreme fatigue, lasting usually just a couple days and seem to come on if I don't get 9-10 hours of sleep for several nights in a row, likely my own fault.  Other than that, despite the fact that I exercise regularly (4-5 times/wk, either 20-30 minutes of running or belly dancing, or 50 minutes of yoga).  I have run 1 half marathon since this all started.  When I walk up stairs, even 1 flight, or up hill I get very weak legged and winded, but that could just be in my head.  

Since mid April now, the only new thing is that my left lower eye lid twitches constantly.  I don't even bother counting anymore since it is at least 20-30 times/day.  Never right eye.  Sometimes my vision seems cloudy but I realize my eyes are extra watery then.  Never any pain.  

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.  

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