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feeling quite down lately, more and more bladder troubles

Nov 02, 2013 - 1 comments

well, after going to the MS clinic, my physiatrist and my hubby decided that facebook was just not an uplifting place for me to be lately.  There is alot of comparison going on with our children and who can get us to babysit, and how many.   Well, I can only do one, and not all the time.  , if I have my choice it would be my little Aliya because she has been around us since she was born.  The other 4, are of ages  1-8, and misbehaved, loud, rude, and destructive, and they don't want to sleep over at our house.  They like their own house. ( I am like that to though, so that isn't really a problem for me, it is a blessing ) ....

but, for instance today our son called, and said " wanna spend 15.00 per ticket to see your grand son stand on the ice with a good hockey team" ...... well DH said, :sorry but NOPE  ....... then the next comment was, ok then, can we watch the 3 kids.   DH hasn't answered that one yet.   I just cannot handle the constant babysitting, though in my life before MS, I did this for my living, but, now with the horrible infection, which sounds like maybe I will be put in hospital for IV antibiotics, I don't have the energy or get up and go.,.. Will find out on Monday what the Dr. will do.  

went to the clinic with the lab results of the 2 organism infection, and he said, well, I would hit it with Macrobid, afnd then your GP or ID Dr. can decide what to do.  Well, a few days on a antibiotic which isn't on the list at all for any type of these inections, may make it even more resistant, so, we are waiting till Monday if we can, or hospital , here I come.

Between kids, and their troubles, hubby and his, everyone wanting our babysitting services, I just can't do idt.   I feel like crap saying no, but how am I supposed to keep the peace within the family if I take just 1 who knows us and our routine, and loves her poppa and will let him change her and such, when the other ones won't !!!

I  throw up my hands......

to much going on for me, and I'm getting a little scared now....... to start the Avonex next week too, oh yeah !!!

confused and grumpy,

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by Lulu54, Nov 22, 2013
I just read this and really hope you said no ... there is nothing that says we owe our children free babysitting and it is selfish and inconsiderate of them to refuse to see all the struggles you are facing. Please take care of yourself and don't allow anyone to make you feel guilty about doing so.

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