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May 29, 2009 - 1 comments

late period




negative hpt

So, I'm 16 DPO.  I'm 6 days late for my period.  I've been cramping off and on for a week now.  However, yesterday & today it's been constant like I have when I have my period. But NO period.  I just took a HPT and it was a BFN.  I didn't want to take a HPT b/c I was afraid of it being another BFN and now that it was, I'm sad.  My period better just come and stop with the AF cramping because I'm so tired of it!!!!

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by HelloKittyGurl, May 29, 2009
My body is being so ridiculous!  I've NEVER been 6 days late before, I've never been even 3 days late for the whole 12 years I've been having a period.  Why is it doing this to me???  GRRRRRRR

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