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CD 40

Nov 03, 2013 - 0 comments

It is almost 2am on Sunday. Time for "Fall Back" an hour.
Anyway, it is day 40 of this cycle. I last took a test on Thursday and it looked negative. I still have seen nothing. Around 9pm I had some period like cramping while sitting on the floor. It could have been due to gas or bowels, because it came for a few minutes and went.
I only estimated when I Oed, if at all, and I am about 15dpo. I took a shower close to noon yesterday. My cervix didn't feel high but it felt closed. I am trying not to over analyze anything going on with me.
I thought it would be best to at least wait 2 weeks past when I thought I Oed to definitely confirm not getting AF before calling my OB. I keep feeling like it's right around the corner... like if I mention it to someone, then it's going to come. I just don't want to waste money going in and then getting AF the next day or something.


EDIT: 12pm today: Cervix felt closed this morning. Nothing yet. The "Fall Back" Daylight Savings, messed up my temp. I tried to temp at 5:45 to match up with 6:45. It was 96.51, which is the lowest it's been. How can it go from highest it's been, to lowest? I think I should have just stuck with 6:45. I took my temp at 7:15am? maybe? I was sleepy and can't remember. I "think" it was 97.23, but I could be wrong. So I just used an adjusted temp from 96.51 to 96.71, from the adjuster, of going 5:45 to 6:45am. I am just temping at 6:45 tomorrow. May be getting a test today for Monday. We are going out later.

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