Toothache - Bite was adjusted

May 30, 2009 - 2 comments

Now wait 'til Monday to see what's up.  Cannot even bite down on the bite paper at the dentist today w/o excrutiating pain.

For the first time ever, my dentist saw FEAR in my face and body when he attempted to "tap" the tooth .. tap the tooth . no way doc .. sorry charlie .. I cannot even bite down on the bite paper (that black paper) without excrutiating pain.

Now the good news:  This isn't an abscess and it's the orig. problem I went in for on Wed when they found a 2nd problem of a cavity/hole accounting for the pain with cold liquids, etc. Of course the original problem wasn't acting up when I was there!!!

It *may* be the byproduct of the bite being off so they adjusted that tooth with the drill a bit and willing to give it 48hrs to "settle down"

TMI .. I now


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by Jade59, Jun 05, 2009
Hi CC,

Oh man, but I feel your pain and know exactly what you're talking about.  My problems started with one tooth that was killing me.  My bite was so off, I was coming down on that one tooth first, so after years of this, it was sooo sore.  After adjusting that tooth a little, it set off a reaction with other teeth as they were all off now because of that one adjustment.  One adjustment leads to another and another and another.... Dentist even did a Root Canal on this one tooth, but that made no difference at all with the pain and it still hurts today.  I have a crown on this tooth and my dentist finally ground down that crown so it doesn't hit the upper tooth at all.  Ruined the crown, but I didn't care.  I did feel better, but that tooth still hurts if I touch it.  Haha, so I don't touch it :)

Dentist finally did a full mouth adjustment and even though I felt like I was in hell with the facial pain for 8mos, in the end it was all worth it and my bite felt even for once in my life.  

Just a tip...I had my dentist adjust my teeth standing up as this is a more natural position one is normally in.  Laying back in the chair and having the adjustments was not working for me.  Standing up helped wonders.  

Your post is 5days old and I hope you're feeling better.  Dental pain is difficult to put up with :(

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by ChitChatNine, Jul 08, 2009
Turned out I had a really terrible abscess and after root canal I now have a temp crown .. almost ready for the real thing to be placed next week and I'm feeling terrific now!  Thanks for writing.

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