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Today has been the worst

Jun 01, 2009 - 0 comments

Its 2:30am...a day away from double digits. I still cant sleep...didn't sleep at all last night, I got up feeling really depressed, had the shakes and headaches again, and craving like mad but have no appetite...
I never thought it was going to be this hard...But life wasn't meant to be easy...Im just facing a big challenge and im hoping to overcome it.
Im finding the cravings really hard to control, as i said before i was very active yesterday cleaning and cooking and spending time with my mum...but like i said its just not hitting the spot. Also the depression is messing with my head a bit too much...Im wanting to take something for it but im not going to...Im sticking to my plan.
Im going to try my hardest not to give in over the next couple of days, I think i no there already going to be a very big challenge for me. Just have to keep my head up and stay positive and know that im getting better altho i might not feel like it anymore.

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