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A Poem for my Daughter on her 7th Birthday

Jun 01, 2009 - 1 comments






On her 7th Birthday

Delilah, Delilah
what can I say to you

Your eyes are like a summer sky
your heart is always true

And when I call you answer
with a smile or a pout

And when you cry
you make my insides turn right out.

I love you with my heart
love you with my soul

Your success is my desire
your happiness my goal

You grow each day
and so each day you leave one more behind

Just know that you have made my life
the kind you’d call divine

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by margypops, Jun 01, 2009
That is wonderful sunshine you are very clever.. what a great girl she must be andyou are  a great Mom to write such lovely words...I hope Delilah has a terrific birthday and some super gifts to go with her poem, Happy7th  Birthday Delilah xxxxxx

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