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Just got onto MedHelp

Jun 01, 2009 - 4 comments

Hey guys,

I'm just joining the community and writing an open journal to introduce myself. I'm an avid runner and experience allergy problems (I take allergy shots). I'm actually participating with the half marathon in San Fransisco this coming July. Anyone else running it and in the SF area?

Anyway. Just saying Hi.


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193137 tn?1367880063
by sk123, Jun 01, 2009
Sorry, I don't run, but a couple of other members, peekawho and AndiJ78 are doing the 3-day breast cancer walk in SF in October. I'm planning on doing the Marin 50k ride on August 1st. Do you ride at all?

599170 tn?1300973893
by Cherie762, Jun 01, 2009
I sure dont run, but Hello and welcome, try our social forum its alot of fun and a great way to meet people, one of my good friends Margypops is in Calf, shes athletic dont think she runs though she does walk alot,,,may  jog,,IDK she is super thought many on here are..

535822 tn?1443976780
by margypops, Jun 01, 2009
Here is the super one .....!!!!! xxxx    you know I used to run I was one heck of an athlete, nearly ran the LA Marathon in 2000 busted my ribs sailing for the 2nd couldnt run, then took up power walking, I liked that better thing is no one in my Family will walk with me they say I am not much fun as I race along and they cant keep up.. Bit of a couch Potato now but getting motivated...maybe next year ask around you may find someone.... good luck

168348 tn?1379357075
by ChitChatNine, Jun 16, 2009
Hi and Welcome to MedHelp ... and the Allergies Community ...

My daughter is anaphylactic to latex, plums, and nuts ... too much experience here with allergies ...


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