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Washing Your Fruits & Vegetables

Apr 23, 2008 - 5 comments

toxins; pesticides; veggies

Most of us just wash our fruits & vegetables with water thinking that this will remove the pesticides and/or bacteria. However, that is not the case and so here are some ways to wash your vegetables & fruits and remove the toxins. This should also lower your risk of getting a foodborne illness:

Trick # 1 --- In a spray bottle, mix 50% water with 50% white, distilled vinegar. Add 1 Tablespoon of baking soda (watch the explosion... LOL!) and you can also add 15 drops of grapeseed oil to the mix. Spray on your fruits and/or vegetables and then rinse off.


Trick # 2 --- First, spray your vegetables and/or fruit with white, distilled vinegar. Next, spray 3% of hydrogen peroxide on your veggies.  (do not mix them together... it is not safe) Next, rinse off under running water. University tests show that this technique killed more potentially lethal bacteria, including Salmonella, Shigella, and even E. coli, than chlorine bleach or any commercially available kitchen cleaner.

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by oliviamarie12345, Apr 26, 2008
I totally do that!!! AWESOME TIP!

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by PlateletGal, Apr 27, 2008

Thank you. I just started doing this, but wish I had found this information a LONG time ago.

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by ohwild, Apr 30, 2008
wow thats cool will try it on my tomato plants

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by Want to feel well!!!, Apr 30, 2008
This sounds like a good tip!  Mind if I ask where you found it?  Are there any more of these tips?  I would like to start using safer household cleaners as well.

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by PlateletGal, May 01, 2008
Hi Want to feel well,

The first recipe was from a woman recently on the Oprah Winfrey show... her name is Sophie Uliano and she has a book called "Gorgeously Green".  I would have mentioned this in my original post, but I couldn't remember if was 1 T of baking soda or 1 t. I just checked and her "recipe" is posted on the internet... and yes, it was one Tablespoon, so I had it written down right. And it works for me.. I've been using it on my fruits & vegetables.

The second "recipe" is from this website below.... I've heard of using peroxide before with vinegar (separately) for cleaning fruits & veggies, but prefer just the vinegar alone. One study found that using a dish washing detergent killed bacteria on fruits & veggies... thank goodness we have safer (IMO) options !

As far as non-toxic cleaners... the one I prefer is called "Seventh Generation". Walgreens is now selling it... it is a bit more expensive, but I'm hoping as more people buy the product that the cost will come down.

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