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To all my new friends and everyone in this community,
I have to brag on you all for just a minute. It's you guys who are my inspiration to do the unthinkable, the unbearable, and the start of the long, winding road of recovery. Thank you for embracing me from the moment I joined last week. I truly have high admiration for each of you........we are all in this together. When my flame is low and my embers are dim, you are my lighters and kindling. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have never had friends like this..ever. I feel like you're my gospel choir from "I believe I can fly" (by R. Kelly) ha ha Kind of funny but that's how I feel. My heart is with each of you as together we embark on this treacherous but rewarding journey to heal from the inside out. A lifetime of gratitude, and if I can be of service to anyone anytime, it would be my honor. God Bless everyone. We can do this. Lots and lots of love. Maddie

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