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Natural remedy

Nov 11, 2013 - 0 comments

natural remedies



Migraine on the left temple... came along slowly through the day. At most intense period I went to take a warm shower: (apple pumpkin candle, yoga meditation music) Started out with warm/hot shower to relax. Moved from standing position to sitting position slowly. I used the pressure points in between toes for a few minutes (lost track of time due to wonderful relaxation). I slowly went from sitting in the show back to standing: (sitting, kneeling, standing). Turned shower to cool temperature and stood for a few seconds. I then got out of the shower and wrapped myself in the towel and sat on the toilet to continue meditation. After completing and getting dressed, I grabbed a cold pack (homemade version) and laid. AMAZING method! My head is feeling much better and my body feels so relaxed!

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