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Anaphylactic Reaction

Jun 01, 2009 - 0 comments

anaphylactic reaction

So I started coughing and wheezing and blowing my nose after eating at dinner on Sunday and night (as expected b/c of tomatoes)--Mediterranean Calzone w/ sundried tomatoes, feta, lamb sausage, tomato sauce, etc. Then I ate the other half on Monday for lunch.  Same effect.  Sometime on Sunday I started to notice a sore throat.  Maybe it started on Saturday night after singing at the party.  Anhow, by Monday at staffing I didn't notice any symptoms and decided to indulge in some craisins, raisins, a couple of chocate chips, and 1 almond, all these things were mixed in with peanuts and other nuts too.  Within 30 min I was coughing, clearing my throat, and had to use my inhaler.  I called the allergist on call and she prescribed prednisone 40 mg/ day for 30 days.  So I went to bed at 10:15pm, very exhausted.  Around 11:20pm Sara nailed something in the wall in the room above me.  This woke me up. Went back to sleep.  Around 5am I woke up and had to go to the bathroom and was very cold.  I kept waking up, wondering if I should go to work, wondering if I should call in.  I texted Nick at arond 6:45am saying I would not be in.  Then he texted back.  I don't know if I count all the hours between 6-10am as sleeping b/c I spoke to the pharmacist, the doctor twice, texted Travis 4-5 times to pick up my meds, my mom called.  

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