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My pants are really tight.

Jun 02, 2009 - 0 comments

So I have been aiming to get back into the workout "thing".  Having bought a membership to the gym in January...then being diagnosed with DCIS, turns out to be IDC post mastectomy I have not been working out or even walking to work as usual.  The size 6 pant suit that was way to big just 1 year ago is now so tight that the pants get the crotch pleats....those of you who have gained a few pounds in a short timeframe know what I am talking about.  Just a little too tight in the butt and it makes them pull in all the wrong places.  
Meanwhile I have migrating cyst like lumps under my left arm (the arm that had the lymph node disection just 1 month ago).  Ugh.  Under my middle finger I just found a new one the size of a pea.  Freekin' me out.  But I have a doc. appt. tomorrow afternoon.  I can wait that long.

So back to the point of this journal entry.  It is time for my size 6 teatering on a size 8 *** to get back into a workout routine, no matter how challenging to get back into my fit size 2/4 pants.  Yes I am almost 30.  Yes I do know that I am not fat now.  But I also know how I feel and what feels right on my small but long frame.  This does not work.  

I am going to write all the reasons that I do not work out:

Lack of Time
Running late
Feeling gross in my workout clothes/not wanting to be seen in them.
Trouble getting childcare, no way to bring Sophia to the gym.
Getting off work too late/going in too late

Here are all the resolutions to these big rocks:

Plan a time.  Set time each week and schedule myself accordingly.
******* wake up!  Plan ahead with a gym bag.  Plan to be there 2 hours before I need to be to work.
Get over it.  I am gonna look chunky until I actually dedicate 4 full weeks.  And even then if my body does not immediately react, I need to rethink my eating habits and keep working out.  It will eventually make a difference.
Plan to go to the gym early in the a.m. when Cooper has Sophia/ b.  run when Cooper gets home and on weekends.
Leave work on time.  

Very simple.  Now off to look at my schedule.  **** I feel bloated today.  I am at my breaking point with this **** and I'm not gonna let my 30's hit me like it does many women.  No way Jose!  I am not going to be a cancer survivor only to be defeated by my only lazy ***.  

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