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4th day

Jun 03, 2009 - 0 comments






Today is my fourth day since embryo transfer. I have been taking it easy and staying at home. Today I decided to go out for a bit and felt some cramping on my sides. I did feel them also yesterday. I just hope these are good signs. I didnt tell my girl that dh and I have gone to do IVF. So this morning before school she asked if I was ok. I guess before wt the ER I was blaoted and had alot of cramping so was in bed or on the sofa. I guess she got worried, but didnt say anything. I told mummy's ok and that I'm just taking it easy cuz we want another baby. She got very excited and prayed she told me that she has always been praying at bed time and she so wants a brother or sister. Bless her. I felt bad I worried her. I really pray even though it's my first time at IVF that it works this time. I will be 38 nxt month. Dh and I decided we will only try for another two more years. We are both grateful to God and so content on having our beautiful little girl. We dont want to give up on trying for another, but at 40 years old I think we should stop.

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