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Allergy Symptoms / Cognitive Impairment/ Anaphylaxis/other Neurological Symptoms

Apr 24, 2008 - 0 comments




--profuse production of saliva
     -results in
          -very strange, high cough which leads to choking
          -large quantities of saliva coing out and me almost not noticing
-incontinence (both bowel and urinary)
-lack awareness of body
     -resulting in the sense I have lost touch with my perceptions
          -which is to say "a blunting" of perceptions
               -I feel I am waling around in a cognitive bubble
-sound amplification -- as if everyone is shouting
-me shouting for no reason
-tingling of hands and feet to numbness of hands of feet -- to swelling of hands and feet
-loss of the sense of smell or decreased sense of smell
-scratching of the scalp, nose, ears -- continually
     -sores on scalp
-rubbing of the eyes to a greater extent that is comfortale
-can read and comprehend what I am reading and can write and comprehend what I am writing
     -BUT, if I attempt to put thought into a verbal modality, what comes out is not what I intended
          -on bad days this may be a "verbal salad" where the words don't make sense at all
          -on good  days, my articulation is that of a slightly drunk individual
               -which has become staus quo for me, everyday of my life
                    -i.e., this is a drunk version of me, but not me
-thus, we have a person who is logical in thinking and writing but cannot speak without great difficulty and the moment he attempts to verbalize, it changes into an unintended form
     -in this transtion, we go from wrting in an articulate way -- sometimes to verbal mush
     -this person is working around a speech defect which appeared in December 07
-confusing one person for another
     -as in greeting the nurse as if she were the doctor
-confusiing on location for another
     -started as a simple human confusion but escalated to a situation where I am asking "Why is that building there?"
          -i.e., my internal map does not match realiity
-relexive muscle movements
     -in the neck and shoulder area
          -and increase when under stress
     -in the mouth and lips
          -"lip smacking"
-ADHD symptoms magnified
     -especially concerning short term memory and losing items
     -I start something then walk away from it, then come back and "notice it" with some degree of surprise
     -When I lose something I panic and kind of go into a dissociative state where I can't find it
-Bad allergies which cause mental confusion
     -with the sense I am physiologialccy of balance until I take a pill and must do this to stay sane
     -sensitivity to most allergy meds including Zyrtec, Singulair, Bennadryl....
-Sensitivity to most ingested materials
     -may be "Multiply Chemically Senstive"
-Oversensitivity to pain
     -pain localized in heart area, slowly goes away
     -deep pain localized in lower spine finally abates after a hot bath and trunk rotation
-Licking lips all day long
-Tongue ulceration
-Temporal problems
     -resulting in the sense too much time has passed
          -resulting in anger and impatience
-Depth perception problems
     -which result in dangerous street crossings
-Hypersensitivity to environment
-Changes in body chemistry
     -increase in sweating
     -no body smell or can't detect body smell
-Odd muscle behavior
     -getting up after siting for one hour is way too difficult
-Leaping to conclusions which are totally illological
-increase in spilling things in the house
-choking on an early morning cup of coffee and the sense I am going to spit it out
-a simple hopping over the wall that I have done since childhood turned into a kind of blackout and fall (from five feet)
-painful, forced urination
-odd bowel habits including incontinence
-swelling of hands and feet
     -I wake up to find my index finger swollen or my entire hand swollen
     -Within a few hours my ankle swells and does not go down for days
-cognitive impairment
     -seems to be getting worse, day by day
-subtle coordination problems
     -as in cutting onesself shaving
     -or missing mouth while putting fork in mouth

Enhanced List of Neurological Symptoms

But --- I started having a set of symptoms which I have never heard about, read about or even remotely dreamed about. They always start with allergies and probably anaphylaxis.. But these then degrade into various neurological states including:
•a sense I am frozen in space and can't talk or articulate
     -Rebecca Amatia (SW Counseling) took me to the ER on Friday 9-12-08 for these symptoms -- I was  then       hospitalized (in the regular hospital) and released way too early on Saturday and don't remember much of that day
-incoherence -- very evident on 9-12 but comes and goes in severity
-loss of short term memory -- a few minutes up to "days" that I can't remember fully
coming and going of visual acuity
-amplification of sensation
-     -I have dubbed this my “neurological bubble”
-deep, rich, surreal, coloration
     -has happened a handful of times
-sounds like everyone is shouting
-light can look too bright to be real
-normal pain is overreacted to or I actually feel more pain
-pain and itch are confused to the extent I will go crazy
-urinary pain is either worse or overreacted to
-the sense that something in my mouth is larger than it is
the sense my lips are large when I lick them and I know they’re not
-a spastic licking of lips comes and goes
-the sense that my fingertips are exaggerating what they feel
-the sense I misjudge how much mass is at my fingertips and make sensory errors turning a page
sexual hyperactivity
-emotional amplification
     -can’t read people’s affects
     -misjudge the severity of incoming news
-the sense I cannot understand what is coming out of people's mouths -- exaggerated accents –
     -only happened one time
-the sense I am in a cloud and can't think -- these weird metabolic states can come and go for 30 minutes or last all day
-the weird inarticulate voice of an 84 year old man -- I call this "the palsied man voice" but basically I don't know what to call it
-     -words are recited in a slow, slurred way
-     -articulation is very very difficult
-     -day long episodes with the "palsied man" where I have that voice all day and a don't recognize much of anything about me
-palsied means “inability to move” or “muscular inability to move part or all of the body” so I am not sure the name fits
-short term memory attacks -- where I am adding to what is being spoken and not picking up fully on what is spoken and so I can't transcribe a recording of my own voice without about 100 per cent inaccuracy
     -this has happened only one time during a horrible 2 AM allergy attack
-increasing intensity of tardive dyskinesia symptoms until entire muscle groups are in spasm
-drooling and many Bell’s palsy symptoms

Recorded in Anaphylactic Space

Note: blows are a large blow into a paper towel.

Little blow

I am off in the perceptual space where little blows are confused with big blows, etc – this is anaphylaxis space John! You have agonized when you arrived “in this foggy, snowy space” without any clue as to how you got there – clearly today you documented and wrote and documented and wrote to everyone out there – until you slid into this snowy foggy quiet space. I repeated myself and didn’t realize it. There is no doubt that this is the weird metabolic state where perceptions are totally off. And it’s anaphylaxis.

And I am having problems remembering what I just typed -- so this is also short term memory loss land! But when Cate called this morning I was already there.

The quietness of this also portrayed a waiting period between this and some other state – like acceleration or gridlock – but I think this is a gridl

Body temp up
Eyes itching
Scalp itching
Spastic licking of lips!!!
Spastic shooting of saliva on the floor=1 as in Bell’s Palsy squared. – I’ve been there before – on my wild spastic days of sessions with the Ataxic man – yes and now I can safely say that those states have to be allergic in nature. But I fantasied that an antihistamine would take me out of this hell – but it hasn’t.

Nose running coupled with the urge to urinate!!! As if the metabolic by-products were exactly the same.
Urgent urination with Dysuria  (pain = 7)
One big long hard blow
Tooth pain?
Drop runs down corner of nose.]

I jump when eye itch pain hits me=1
Eyebrow itching
Increase of lip spasticity with allergic symtoms

Body temp up
Runny nose
Bolt of eye itch pain that makes me jump in my seat

Time warp here also – I feel suspended in time – so add that to the list of anaphylaxis indicators – if anyone ever lived though these they would have recorded these responses.

Scratching and itching of the right eye
Licking of lips spasticity increases
Note = can’t spell!!!

Voice is off – too soft and too plaintive!!

Spastic choking on juice
Nose running

Short term memory problems with keeping the count correct!!!

Last emergency call was 60 minutes ago – not 5 – as in what’s apparent to me in this space = what you have experienced before and this must be similar or synonymous.

Body temp- up
Scratching of cheek
Running of the nose
Short term mem effects getting worse – as in not knowing what I just typed.

One big long hard blow coincident with the desire to urinate. (pain =0) 35 min ago you recorded the exact same response

Drop runs down nose
Body temp up
Itching of outside of nose

Drop runs down nose while urinating
Itchy scalp
I just talked to myself logically but the voice is way impaired.
Itching of the scalp

Calling of 911 and going in for an allergic emergency!!!!


Features of anaphylaxis that I share are:
1. Asthma
2. Rhinitis
3. Sneezing, runny nose ,nasal congestion
4. Repeated coughing
5. Sensation of choking
6. Itching, tearing and redness of eyes
7. Blurred vision
8. Itching of auditory meatus!!!
9. Pruritis – as in profound itchiness
10. Nausea
11. Metallic taste in mouth
12. Anxiety, confusion
13. Rising of body temp
14. Sense of impending doom
15. Erythema – redness of the skin as caused by sunburn – as in Flushed Upper body
16. Short term memory loss ( have an Internet example of this)
17. Dysuria, urinary frequency, urgency of urination as in my reaction exactly – about to pee one’s pants
18. Swelling of both feet
Note: mine appears to be a case of protracted anaphylaxis as the above symptoms have been going on for about 3 months!!!I’ll bet basically no one has undergone this reaction for this long!!!

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