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My story (short version)

Nov 16, 2007 - 0 comments

every month it gets so frusterating...i know i havent been trying as long as some ladies here but i cant even begin to imagine the anguish they must feel each month AF comes to visit...

i stopped taking BC in May and have been TTC since then but each month AF makes her visit and the sorrow lasts until AF goes away, then i get pumped up waiting for O day, O day comes and goes and then i sit in the 2WW....the first week isnt too bad but the second week is the longest just waiting and trying not to read into everything that could be many ladies know this is extremely hard

last month my cycle was messed up for the first time since it calmed down and was consistantly 27 days and the doctor did an u/s and said everything in me looks great and he was surprised i havent concieved am i but i continue to try

now im starting to wonder if its dh that could be infertile....i dont want to seem like im pushing the blame but i just wonder and he's too stubborn to get a SA done so each month i continue to go through this anguish

hopefully one day ill be able to say i got my BFP!!!!!!!!

Good luck to all the ladies and

----- super duper sticky BD ********************

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