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Jun 03, 2009 - 1 comments

Its funny i have been given so many different due dates its starting to get a bit confusing but either 14th sept 19th sept or 25th sep we'll see he will come when hes ready i guess!
I am suffereing badly with my back at the moment from where it was broken in 2002 seems to be pushing on a nerve or something sometimes i can hardly walk im starting physio next week.
Im seeing th ob-gyn dr Charters every 4 weeks and thats good all seems to be ok i went for my gestational diabetes test and was all good.
i have put on a fair amount of weight since ive stopped smoking 3 months ago and its a little depressing im about 79kg now :(
guess its better than smoking tho right?

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by NicMom, Jun 03, 2009
I'm right behind you at around 70kg or so (I had to look it up on a conversion chart). Don't worry about the weight you can lose it later just be healthy and celebrate not smoking anymore.

My due date just changed again also. It went from September 10th- 20th- 17th- 15th- and now to the 9th. I just tell people I'm due sometime in September.

Good luck with your back! I see a chiropractor once a month to help with my back pain it really does the trick.

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