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My cycle for the month of November - before AF is due

Nov 16, 2007 - 0 comments

this month im really not sure what my cycle is going to be was every 27 days like clock-work for the past 6 months, then last month it decided to be 31 days long...i thought for sure that was my time but AF made her visit and so here I am trying again

im not really having any symptoms this month...had very very light cramping in the pelvic area (after i already o'd) last week and my bbs sort of tingle sometimes and sometimes there is a shooting pain in them that is very very brief but comes and go...that's about all

so AF is due 11/21 and im just waiting to see what is going to happen

today is CD23 and getting closer to know my answer for this cycle...O day was either 11/6 or 11/7

the one thing i learned this cycle is a tell-tale sign im about to ovulate by small pressure pains in my pelvic area around o time so hopefully i can use this new knowledge to my advantage for next cycle

well ill post on here and in the forum what happens this cycle

Good Luck to all the ladies

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