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Thoughts on my Dad In honor of Father's Day Later this month.

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My Dad

It took  me a long time to figure out how cool my Dad is.  
My father has always been a quiet man.  
He is the kind of man who can say more with a look or posture than most can say with a thousand words.  
My father was a playful man when I was growing up.  
We would crawl around the house when my Mom worked late, pretending to be wolves.
We would howl and growl, making all the noise we could, chasing each other.  
I remember when we went out to eat (a rare treat) if the wait was long, we would pretend our hands were spiders.  
His was the daddy spider, mine the baby.
We would make them talk or chase and tickle each other.  
I remember when he would take my Mom out dancing.  
She would be dressed so pretty & smell so good.  
He would be practicing his silly dance moves for me & make me laugh.  
When they dropped me off at grandma's house & he hugged me goodbye I would smell of his cologne forever.
The smell of it still makes me smile.
I remember when we went to the park he would push the me in the swings as long as I wanted, never complaining.  
I remember he would practice hitting the softball with me for hours and even though I knew I was a horrible softball player, he never said so.  
My favorite memory from my childhood is when my dad came out of his bedroom fresh from the shower in his jeans & wet (permed) hair.  
He was doing the Mick Jagger dance ( Chicken Arms, Big Lips & The Strut).  
I laughed so hard.  
In my house this dance is still implemented when major silliness is necessary.
As I got older there was less playfulness but just as much fun.  
Trips to get ice cream where he would let me order the banana split even if he knew I could never finish it.
Trips to the music store to get my first album. (WHAM! on Vinyl)
My dad loves music & he instilled that love in me.
When I was in High School I remember being a little jealous of my Dad.
He was TEAR GASSED at Hendrix.
He snuck in to see The Doors.
He saw The Who perform Tommy (TWICE!)
I half joked that the only reason any boys wanted to date me is so they could talk to him.
My parents wouldn't let me go to any Rock concerts alone until I could drive.
I see now that they trusted me but not my friends.
My Dad offered to take me to see more concerts than I can count, but being a bratty teenager I refused.
Why do bratty teenagers miss out on so many cool things in an attempt to be cool. (Sorry Dad)
I still borrow music from him all the time.
From Abba to Zeppelin he has it all.
Now he is a grandpa.
He is the kind of Grandpa who hides things in his yard just so the grand kids can find them (pretty rocks, plastic frogs).
He is teaching my Kids a love of turtles & gardening.
He's slowed down a little but he's still the coolest Dad I know.
Just the other day my son was watching TV & Alice Cooper came on.
He asked me "Mom, Have you seen Alice Cooper play".
I got to answer, " No, but Grandpa has". :-)

Thanks Dad

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