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i will die from nausea

Apr 24, 2008 - 1 comments

well the entire day has been poop, its like if i eat till i am full which is what i normally do, i feel like i will throw it all up. being full has never been so uncomforable. i havent thrown up yet but i feel like i want to so at least i could start feeling better. i have had little waves of nausea for the past few days but nothing like this. i feel horrible. on top of that my head has not let up on me ALL DAY! an all day long headache, but im blaming that one on caffeine withdrawal. i quit coffee today and forever for many reasons, its really not good for my body or necassary while TTC, plus i drink WAY too much of it and i dont like to depend on things at all, especially to get my day started. lol and ive always prided myself on "not being addicted to anything, mind over matter, blah blah" well im certainly eating my words now. i wonder when this will GO AWAY! its been the same intensity all day. killing me. as for the nausea, i dont know why my body would put me through this if i am not pregnant? i never had these problems until TTC. i know im proabably doing it to myself but i am starting to see AF as this witch in all red clothing riding in on her broomstick, laughing and making fun of your efforts. i will go to sleep and when i wake up my headache will be gone! and i will not drink coffee....

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by msgorgeous, Apr 24, 2008
i hope you feel better missy :) i drink coffee alot i tried to stop just cant tho haha i love coffee i stoped for awhile but caved lol i hope you have better efforts good luck

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