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Apr 25, 2008 - 0 comments

this morning is going good, no headache, no cramping, no nausea. it would be even better if i could have coffee but i will NOT DO IT. at least i am no longer in pain, so now that im passed that theres no reason for turning back now. after this is over with i may have a cup here and there just after a meal or something... but ill say maybe twice a week. anyhow, ive got  a lot to do today, groceries, bills, housework, and then tomorrow is ZOO time! the weather is finally coming around here in Virginia Beach, and they will be opening the pool at our apartments here pretty soon. lol my poor babies, my oldest is so fair skinned, she will not tan, she just gets the cutest little freckles on her cheeks. (i have those too) she gets them in the same places. my little one gets soo tan, she looks like a little island baby. i think she gets the darker skin and the ability to tan from me, because DH sure cant. i get really really dark. and today there is only three more days till AF/ or test day! whichever one happens ill try to be ok.because i wont be able to try again next month. i just want to know. ive been spotting really weird here lately and im hoping theres nothing wrong with me... it never does this. the first day of spotting came with cramps, a few on the 2nd , and some more on the third, but none since then. so, thats weird . i hope im making a baby!

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