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Untaken Photos

Jun 05, 2009 - 3 comments

The photos not taken...  
... are branded on my mind.

In the kitchen backlit by sun filled windows your blue-green-blonding hair seemed to me to be just the colors of your indeterminate eyes and I took picture after picture - with no film.

The beautiful house after we slaved to make it perfect and the budding photogapher came (a friend of the babysitter) and carefully took pictures of each staged room - without film.

The picture my artist friend told me she wanted to paint when she had driven past me and my four young children all for a walk in the tall grass and Queen Anne's Lace along the side of Hwy. 61....

There are no photos to upload, no paintings to dust, but in my minds eye I see it just the way it was.

This isn't really a poem. Just a collection of thoughts I've had lately.

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by sunshine1976, Jun 05, 2009
Simply perfect.
Anyone who reads this will have seen your "pictures".

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by zzzmykids, Jun 07, 2009
I loved this, you should write more.  It is very visual and peaceful.
Thank you for adding to my day which has been filled with untaken pictures for my minds eye and hearts eye to cherish.
Again Thank You LetaB,

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by LetaB, Jun 08, 2009
Thank you, you guys for your kind comments. I'm a little embarrassed to write "poetry" because I'm so self critical. I'd like to be able to leave a part of me here on earth when I go so I hope to write some more things I've been thinking of soon. Thanks.

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