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Nov 20, 2013 - 7 comments

Thank you ladies for all your prayers.  It's been really hard the last few days.  
On Friday she was admitted and after that it went down hill.     I started to write this journal yesterday so the days are off as to what is happening but I will add the update at the end.  

My mom had the procedure for her lungs, its a external tube that comes out of her back.  They said it would be temporary.  Once she starts having chemo and its effective, there will be less fluid in her lungs, so later on they can remove it.  It's just been very painful for her, the pulmonary dr said it could take a couple of weeks to adjust to it.  So its been really slow going for her.  Since she is mostly on morphine and percoset, she's been sleeping a lot.  Yesterday she slipped in the bathroom.  Even though the nurse and my dad helped her in, they told her to pull the string when she was finished, but she didn't.  She got up and went to wash her hands and the wires and tubes twisted under her feet and she went down.  So it was a big production because for her its very dangerous with the tube coming out the back.  If it moved it could puncture or really do a lot of damage.  Luckily, she's ok.  Ugh.  I feel so bad for her going through all of this.  In the meantime, my dad has been staying with us.  At first on Friday when he brought her to the emergency room he was aggravated.  He's not use to the big "city" hospital and was upset they didn't have private rooms in the ER.  I had to tell him that it wasn't important that her care would be more advanced and better than the community hospital she was going to.  He finally settled down but he was so nervous and very unfocused.  I wanted to meet them there but he was giving me a really hard time.  I knew he was going to have a hard time with it being in a new hospital and my dad's hearing isn't that great.  I'm sure he was struggling to hear the dr's and nurses.  He said to me its too noisy in here.  He also feels bad that he hasn't been able to stay over and that she doesn't have a private room.  Her roommate is a little mental so its hard to sleep because she is off the wall.  Last night they finally sedated her so my mom could get some rest.  They tried to get her a private room, but there isn't any available.  The other issue is he has been suffering with a bad toothache.  He went early Saturday to the dentist.  It turned out he needed to refill a filling.  But later that night, his other tooth started.  He hasn't been back to the dentist because he's been trying to be at the hospital as much as possible.  Today the oncologist is suppose to come in, but she has yet to visit.  So he doesn't want to leave just in case and a little while ago, they told him they are trying to make arrangements with the visiting nurse in their area to come and help with tube and she would be going home possibly tomorrow.  I'm not sure how I feel about this really.  She hasn't been up moving around at all.  They did say they are ordering a wheel chair too.  I'm a little confused because the other day the pulmonary dr. sounded like they had a plan.  They would get her up and moving around before she went home.  So I'm not sure what's going on with that.  They pulmonary dr. is in about 3 times a day though so that's great they are really watching her.  The new chemo doesn't start until she is healed from this procedure.  

****UPDATE  Ok well today finally we are getting somewhere.  I spoke to her new oncologist yesterday she was concerned about her as well.  Especially her stomach.  So this morning they did an xray and ultrasound, it showed she had fluid in the stomach as well.  So they drained it today.  She's actually more awake and alert today.  And she ate a good portion of her lunch.  Thank God because she wasn't eating anything.  Also her mental state seems better.  She was very disoriented and not making any sense when she talked to us.  Which she hardly said anything.  Thank God today she seems to be better.  So that's the news for now.  

The oncologist said we have to get her back to be strong for the chemo.  So I'm hoping in the next few days she will improve.  

I'm sorry if this made no sense I was writing half asleep lol.  Thank you all again for your continued prayers and support. xoxo

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1580318 tn?1550254481
by Shannon79, Nov 20, 2013
Man that sounds like a rough few days, and you've been so brave and strong through it all.

I'm so glad to hear that she's starting to get a little better. I hope she continues to get better so she can start her chemo.

I'll be keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers. Love and hugs to you

613872 tn?1513028824
by Llindar, Nov 20, 2013
You are a wonderful daughter and will be a great mom soon. I'm sorry for your mom and family - if she'shalf as strong as you are, she'll be out of that hospital in no time!
prayers and hugs :)

961574 tn?1520648103
by mhv, Nov 20, 2013
Sending continued prayers, my friend.  Thanks for updating us.

4625099 tn?1431314305
by Grace358, Nov 20, 2013
Gosh what a roller coaster ride for your parents and yourselves.. I have very sick parents and do understand the grief associated with the up and downs of medical procedures and hospitals.. all you can do is keep going and hoping it will all work out well for them. I sometimes wonder why we sign up for experiencing tough things in our lives. Sending you all lots of love and strength through this tough time

1416390 tn?1333901604
by globetrot, Nov 21, 2013
praying and praying- hugs to you my friend.

1386655 tn?1452097056
by journey2motherhood, Nov 21, 2013
Thank you ladies.  She's doing ok today.  Eating a little more.  She sat up for a few hours today and had physical therapy to help her start walking a bit  They want her to go to a rehabilitation center for awhile.  They told my dad they didn't think he could really handle it on his own.  She's not going to be happy about it but we will see.  

1571146 tn?1399909692
by Moma_Cher, Nov 23, 2013
I'm so sorry this is happening. Sending prayers your way.

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