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Miracle Pregnancy is a Blighted Ovum

Nov 21, 2013 - 6 comments

blighted ovum


miracle pregnancy

OK so last night we went for our 7 week scan. I was feeling positive and upbeat since the bleeding had stopped. The doctor did a transvaginal u/s and was measuring the sac etc... He was very quiet which isn't like him. I could see the sac on the screen, nice and oval with a little yolk, but that was all. Then he told me to get dressed and go into his office. I knew something was wrong... He hadn't mentioned the heartbeat? So he told us straight... There was no embryo and no heartbeat. Devastation and disbelief! We listened to what he had to say... Basically I could do a blood test to check beta hcg level straight away, or wait and do another scan on sunday, I opted for the scan as wanted to cling on to a little hope. He said it looked like a blighted ovum, and gave us a 75/25 percent chance. If he's correct in his diagnosis on Sunday, he'll give me medication to bring on a miscarriage. I am absolutely dreading it... I went through this last year and it was truly awful. We came home and cried.

Deep down I know this is the end of our miracle pregnancy. I should know better than to hope, things NEVER go the way they should for us. We have gone through 6 years of infertility, 6 rounds of IVF, one FET cycle, one miscarriage, soon to be two... Our Miracle Pregnancy... And still no baby. I think we are meant to remain childless. I feel so desperate and empty. So now I know why I had so little symptoms.. And today they seem as though the few symptoms I have had have completely disappeared. I am going to throw myself into the cleaning... Music blaring... I need to keep occupied.

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1580318 tn?1550254481
by Shannon79, Nov 21, 2013
You do what you need too. Try and keep as busy as possible to keep your mind off it.

I'm so sorry you're going through this. I know no words can make you feel better, and sorry seems to lose meaning. But just remember you're in our thoughts and prayers.

We'll keep our fingers and toes crossed for good news on sunday

2066718 tn?1431143569
by TTC2006, Nov 21, 2013
Oh honey!  I am so sorry!  How devastating.   I will hope for you, that the next ultrasound bring a true miracle to you.  I know how it feels to be delivered that kind of news.  Sending you big hugs.  

1383908 tn?1457401728
by Sheaby, Nov 21, 2013
Don't count yourself out yet.  I'm not 100%, but I don't think you can have a yolk sac with a blighted ovum.  I had a BO in 2010, and it was completely EMPTY and measuring SUPER small.  We never saw anything in it, all the way through 9 weeks.  Since you were waiting for a medical cycle, maybe you ovulated or implanted later than you thought.  I think seeing a yolk sac is a great start, and maybe you are closer to 5 weeks instead of 7??  I'm not trying to have you get your hopes up too much, but keep in mind that it's possible.  

After reading about it on a few sites, if the g-sac is seriously misshapen, or the yolk sac is abnormally large, it could still be considered a BO.  Most of the ones I read about, though, were just off on their dates and ended up with a fetal pole after another week or so.

1806181 tn?1385299656
by Blue28, Nov 21, 2013
Thank you ladies... your kind words mean so much.
Sheaby... I am clinging onto this thought as my only hope... hoping my doctor is wrong.
I will let you all know how things go on Sunday.

1386765 tn?1451164337
by pb95, Nov 21, 2013
I'm very sad to read this Blue.  I hope you have a positive surprise at the next scan.  Praying for you.

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by Ellen038, Nov 21, 2013
Sent you a PM earlier regarding this Blue. Keeping you in my prayers

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